Here Comes Sawyer; There Goes Your Job!

Senator Jeff Sessions’ April 9 Washington Post op-ed provides a useful immigration history summary, and an update on the dire employment picture for Americans that unchecked immigration has victimized.

Coming Soon: Robots in the Cockpit

In commercial aviation’s earlier days, the flight deck had a captain, copilot and a navigator. On longer flights, a second crew would be on board to take over once the original crew had reached its maximum hours. Going back even further in aviation history, nurses or other medical attendants were paid airline employees whose presence gave comfort to jittery passengers.

Replacing Laborers with Robots

Fast food workers are demanding higher wages for the hard work they do. Some call for an increase of their pay rate, near minimum wage, to as much as $15 an hour, and a number of worker advocates agree, saying the solution is to raise the minimum wage toward that amount.

With Robots Making Inroads, More Immigration is the Last Thing the U.S. Economy Needs

Right here in Pittsburgh, my hometown, robots have been credited with resurrecting the Steel City from its 30-year slump. In 1983, Pittsburgh’s unemployment hit 17.1 percent and people were moving out at the rate of 4,000 a month. The steel industry which had long supported Pittsburgh’s middle-class residents, its museums and even its beloved Steelers gradually dwindled from its once imposing presence.

Not Enough Illegal Farm Workers?

California supposedly now has an “illegal immigrant shortage” – not enough illegal workers for farms in the state, according to “Bloomberg Businessweek” (May 7 - 13, 2012).

Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine is a long-running theme explored by futurists and well-mined by filmmakers and science fiction writers (I’m partial to Blade Runner and The Matrix). Machines (technology) taking over the world or machines “rebelling” are a most popular theme from I, Robot to the Terminator series.