Immigration activist D.A. King Interviewed on Univision’s Sunday Morning Current Affairs Al Punto Show

Recently, long-time pro-immigration enforcement D.A. King was profiled on the front page of The New York Times. The story drew the attention of newscaster Jorge Ramos and others at Univision TV. King, of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, was invited to Univision’s Miami studios for an interview.

CAPS Speaks the Truth; Media Calls Us Haters: Yawn

On April 10, the day of the illegal alien Gran Marcha, I visited Senator Marco Rubio’s Washington D.C . office to meet with two of his legislative aides.

During out meeting, the aides repeatedly told me that if the soon-to-be-dropped Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act did not have strong enforcement and border protection provisions, Rubio would “walk away.” The aides repeated the phrase “walk away” frequently.

Abundant misinformation in citizenship column

A May 18 op-ed in my local Montana daily packs abundant misinformation into 600 words. [Citizenship for Working Families Equals Stronger Families, Communities, by Al Ekblad and Brian McGregor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, May 18, 2013]

Mainstream Media's Blatant Amnesty Bias

Recently, Fox News threw Marco Rubio round after round of softball questions about his Gang of Eight amnesty bill, the Border Protection, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, S.744. Interestingly, Rubio tried to distance himself from the very bill he helped write. In fact, he couldn't defend S. 744 at all.

USC Goes All Out in Support of Amnesty, Part I

As I listened recently to three hours of cheerleading at the University of Southern California for the Gang of Eight’s amnesty plan I thought of the many families sending their kids to USC.

They hand over $62k a year per student (four years = $250k, most likely, debt). USC then produces a graduate inculcated into an ideology (if what I listened to is illustrative) that undermines the U.S. jobs market for Americans, promotes unsustainable growth, scoffs at sovereignty and places substantial burdens on public services.

USC Goes All Out in Support of Amnesty, Part II

On April 30, USC and the Schwarzenegger Institute hosted an event to put a stamp of approval on the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation.

Gang of Eighter Sen. John McCain said he believes that with new technology and E-Verify, “We can have 90 percent effective control of our border.”

Why quibble over a mere 10 percent?

USC Goes All Out in Support of Amnesty – Part III

Listening to the recent pro-immigration event at USC made me think of George Orwell, because of the 1984ish flavor of the conference. I’m not talking all-out dystopia, but a real sense of propaganda and calling things not as they are.

One speaker, Dowell Myers, a USC professor of population dynamics, was asked about the cost of health care and anchor babies – how do relative benefits versus costs get reconciled?

“There’s lots of economic data,” he said, “and it’s hard to know who to believe.”

Legal Immigration = Work Permits=American Unemployment

On the first Friday of each month, Americans interested in the economy’s health as measured by employment data have two choices. They can read their daily newspaper which generally offers the most optimistic picture. Or they read the website which lays out what is usually grim statistics.

Desperate Housewife Explains Immigration

Actors get a lot of grief for being political – from Jane Fonda, Daryl Hannah and Susan Sarandon to Alec Baldwin and one of those other ubiquitous Baldwin boys, among others.

Slipping One Past the Grey Lady’s Immigration Censors

"Nobody’s perfect,” goes the saying. That would apparently apply to newspapers as well as people.  The Grey Lady of American journalism, aka The New York Times, recently slipped up when it allowed an op-ed essay critical of unrestrained American population growth to appear on the pompous pages of America’s “newspaper of record.”