Beware: Mexico Introduces New ID for Aliens: 'Pasaporte de Proteccion'

When Marco Antonio Aviles, a 15-year-old illegal alien, went to the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas, with his mother, his intention was to apply for a protective passport that could greatly increase his odds of qualifying for deferred action for childhood arrivals. The Mexican government grants so-called protective passports to its nationals living abroad who don’t qualify for a regular passport.

Mexico’s Deputy Interior Minister Gets Opens Borders-Terrorism Link that Obama Administration Doesn’t

The long-ago predicted Central American alien border surge is here, and has put pressure not only on United States immigration officials, but also on Mexico. Despite having more limited financial wherewithal than the U.S., Mexico is doing its part – perhaps even more than the Obama administration – to stem the illegal immigrant tide.

Oreos Move to Mexico; Bad August BLS Report Worse than Anticipated

Not that I ever bought that many of them, but I’ve permanently taken Oreos off my shopping list. And I’ve told my friends with young children not to buy any of those awful Halloween Oreo Double Stuffers with the chemically infused orange filling. To no one’s surprise, the No. 1 ingredient in the Oreo is sugar.

By Land and by Sea, Cubans Arriving in Record Numbers

Since President Obama announced his executive immigration action last November, critics warned of harmful short- and long-term consequences. Most of the immediate focus is on the 5 million aliens who will be rewarded for their lawless behavior with work permits, Social Security cards and welfare benefits, while citizens and legal immigrants who will have to compete with them for scarce jobs will be punished.

Mexican Consulates to Issue Birth Certificates on the Spot

On January 6, the same day that the 114th Congress was sworn in, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto met with President Obama. Top on their agenda was how Mexico could help facilitate Obama’s executive amnesty, specifically by making sure its unlawful immigrants could promptly provide adequate qualifying documentation to the Department of Homeland Security.

Mexican President Visits New York, Receives Conquering Hero’s Welcome

Just a month after his visit to California where he arrogantly declared that the United States is the “other Mexico,” Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto spent four whirlwind days in New York.

Central American Migration Subsides – For Now

The heavy flow of Central American youths crossing our border, which drew national attention when it peaked in June, has tapered off significantly since then. Experts suggest a number of reasons. One is simply the hot weather. As a Border Patrol Officer noted, “It’s slowed down . . . due to the heat. Whenever these summer months come along, that translates to less people.” As the weather cools, the crossings may increase.

Brown Visits Mexico, Wants More Business, More People, More Traffic

Get a load of the traveling party Governor Jerry Brown took on his three-day jaunt to Mexico: more than 100 state government, business, economic development, investment and policy leaders, exactly the crowd you’d expect from a Chamber of Commerce-organized event. Also along for the ride was Mrs. Brown, and the five Mexican consular officers assigned to Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose.

Mexico and Guatemala Agree to Subvert American Sovereignty

Countless times I’ve heard U.S. presidents refer to Mexico as America’s friend. Dating back to 1981 when President Ronald Reagan in a statement on U.S. immigration and refugee policy referred to “our Mexican friends,” presidents have repeatedly heaped praise on Mexico and its leaders.

South of the Border, Where Mexico’s Economy and its Future May be Brighter than in U.S.

As unaccompanied minors flood across the U.S.-Mexico border, advocates’ cries of how federal immigration law breaks up families get louder by the day. After all, if the borders were officially wide open, then the 120 alien children who arrive each day could be accompanied by their parents or another responsible adult.