Feds Funding Deported Illegal Immigrants Living Back Home

For Americans who understandably can’t make heads or tails out of U.S. immigration policy, here’s another head scratcher. The United States is doling out $50,000 intended to help out deported Salvadorian aliens living back home in El Salvador.

Seven Amnesties Since 1980 Contribute to 35 Years of Income Inequality in America

For the tiny handful of Americans who may still wonder why the voter rebellion against the establishment is so intense, a recent Economic Policy Institute blog post explains it. EPI called income inequality “a defining feature” of the American economy for the last three-and-a-half decades that has “directly affected most Americans.”

Taxing Remittances Is a Long Overdue Enforcement Tool to Curb Immigration

Enforcement advocates have proposed many solutions to curb illegal immigration: double-layered fencing, mandatory E-Verify, hefty fines and jail sentences for employers who hire aliens. But a less publicly discussed option that might be equally effective is to tax remittances, the money illegal aliens send back home.