Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Belittles Congressional Bill to End Sanctuary Cities

Nancy Pelosi has represented San Francisco in the House of Representative for 27 years. During that time, Pelosi has served as Democratic Minority Whip, Speaker and is currently the Minority Leader. When Pelosi was Speaker, the Christian Science Monitor called her “the most powerful woman in American politics.”

Illegal Immigration and America’s Two-Party Crisis

America’s national elections in 2014 were a significant turning point, as is our impending election in 2016. Our two-party system is now in jeopardy. The millions of illegal immigrants in our country constitute, politically, America’s current sleeping giant. This has seriously weakened the Democratic Party and set the stage for a probable Republican takeover in Washington. This seriously threatens the traditional balance of power between America’s two major political parties.

NYC Mayor, Brown and Pelosi Take the Uber Casual Approach to Citizenship

Just what does New York Mayor Bill de Blasio think that citizenship means? The question arises after his recent comment about illegal aliens receiving the newly issued New York City municipal identification card. The card enables foreigners illegally residing in New York to sign rental agreements, open bank accounts and access health care. The card also gives them hefty discounts on admission to such places as the Bronx Zoo, New York City Ballet and Carnegie Hall.

Legal Status for Central America Aliens = Work Permits, Continued American Worker Displacement

Central American alien advocates have advanced near-hysterical levels of rhetoric to support their case. Last month, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley said that, if the administration sent the Central Americans home, they would face “certain death” even though there’s little if any tangible evidence that would be their fate.