Lawless Napolitano Lectures about Law

Janet Napolitano, former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and current president of the University of California system, recently addressed the University of Georgia School of Law. Those who appreciate irony certainly can savor that spectacle: an arch advocate of lawlessness presuming to lecture at a law school.

Good News! New DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Can’t Be Worse than Napolitano

The Senate, to no one’s surprise, easily confirmed President Obama’s personal favorite for Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, former general counsel for the Defense Department. The new DHS secretary whose nomination was approved by a 78-16 vote has neither immigration experience nor the managerial qualifications to oversee more than 200,000 employees in a turmoil-beset agency.

Napolitano the Magician Conjures $5 Million for UC’s Illegal Immigrant Students

UC SealLast week, University of California president Janet Napolitano announced that she would allocate $5 million to provide special counseling and financial aid to illegal immigrant students. According to reports, Napolitano designated the funds for yet unspecified purposes to dispel notions among some critics that she’s insensitive to UC’s illegal immigrant enrollment.

The Spoils of the Political Machine – Napolitano’s Move to Kalifornia

Last month, Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced she’d be resigning from that job. The former Arizona governor now is slated to be the next president of the 10-campus University of California system, in another case of failing upwards.

Senate judiciary committee hearings: enforcement advocates outshine amnesty crowd

The Senate Judiciary Committee kicked off its immigration hearings Tuesday. Chairman Patrick Leahy, who has earned a career F grade (1989-2013) for his immigration advocacy, called two star witness, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and infamous illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas. Leahy and other supporters would like you to believe Vargas represents a typical case study for why aliens should be awarded amnesty. 

Chipping Away at Sovereignty; New DHS Ruling Will Grant Aliens Unlawful-Presence Waivers

President Obama’s backdoor amnesties are the political version of death by a thousand cuts.

Illegal Immigration: Drawing the Line

It is unfathomable that at a time when America is under the Damoclean threats posed by international terrorist organizations and transnational criminal organization from around the world that so many politicians seemingly fail to grasp the significance of America's borders and the need for meaningful control over those borders.

Mexican drug cartels fight turf battles in Chicago

A disturbing news report aired on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on August 23, 2012 began:

(CBS News) CHICAGO - Gun violence is out of control in Chicago. Just last night, there were eight shootings, two of them deadly.

That pushes the total so far in 2012 to 351 shooting deaths -- up 30 percent from last year. Drug gangs are a big reason.

It's A Whole New Ballgame; Napolitano, ICE Sued over Prosecutorial Discretion

Since June 2011, when Immigration Customs and Enforcement Director John Morton issued his first prosecutorial discretion memo which announced that ICE priorities would shift away from deporting non-criminal aliens, outraged Americans have wondered who would step forward to fight for us.

In the intervening year, President Obama upped the ante when his executive order for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” a broader form of prosecutorial discretion, took effect. DACA gives aliens age 16-30 protection against deportation and work authorization.

Obama’s Amnesty "Outline" Indicates Little Attention to Detail

The time honored Washington D.C. tradition is to use late Friday afternoon to announce news that it knows will be unpopular. When the Friday in question arrives during the summer months, so much better for those who bear grim tidings. In this case Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas were up to promoting their usual pro-alien, anti-American agenda.