National Security

The Betrayal of Lawful Immigrants by Open Borders Anarchists

The goal of open borders anarchists is to eliminate the distinction between those who enter the country illegally and those who come legally.

Aliens may be admitted into the United States as immigrants or as nonimmigrants, depending on whether they have been granted lawful immigrant status. Lawful immigrants, in entering the U.S., hope to become a part of the magnificent tapestry that is America, to begin their lives anew to build their futures and, consequently, the future of our nation. Their U.S. presence is sanctioned by our immigration laws.

The Gathering Storm Clouds: FBI Director Comey Warns Terrorists Heading Our Way

One mission of our armed services is to work with our allies to locate, engage and eliminate terrorists overseas, while domestically our law enforcement agencies are tasked with protecting America and Americans within our borders.

U.S. Finally Gets a Presidential Candidate Who Takes on Utter Failure of Open Borders Policies

After years of being ignored or dismissed, last night millions of Americans were given a voice when billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump accepted the GOP nomination for President of the United States, directly and clearly calling out the country’s massive immigration failure in all its reality, and promising, “We will be a country of law and order.”

On Memorial Day: Congressional Debate on Whether Illegal Aliens Should Serve Dishonors Fallen American Heroes

In post-America – the current era when the United States is perceived as in decline and multiculturalism is on the rise – who should serve in the military is a political football complete with nasty Capitol Hill infighting.

Budding Silicon Valley Terrorist Thwarted

Since President Obama announced his commitment to resettling an additional 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees this fiscal year, the White House has assured and reassured Americans nervous about terrorism attacks that they have no need to worry. The refugees will be thoroughly vetted, according to the White House, and placed seamlessly in American communities.

Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Lahore…Where Next?

The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and Lahore have put Americans on high alert about the potential if not probable consequences of the federal government’s refugee resettlement program.

California’s Driver’s Licenses: a Double-Barreled Unhappy Start for 2016

We’ve news in California from the Department of Motor Vehicles to start the New Year. First, the DMV announced that during 2015, 605,000 licenses, or almost 50 percent of the total, went to illegal aliens.

Musings on a New Mexico Bird Rehabber, Illegal Border Crossers and Refugees

I almost blanched when my state’s governor, Susana Martinez, recently numbered among governors calling for no Syrian refugee admissions until the system can be fixed.

I shed many tears watching the refugees trudging, exhausted, across hundreds of miles, with tiny children and a few possessions in hand. The “reception” they received was often callous, sometimes hateful.

The situation was inexcusable in an era when massive human migrations are common, and the world should be prepared to quickly care for and shelter massive numbers of people.

Immigration and Terrorism – It’s About More Than Vetting Refugees

Until recently, most of our leaders and journalists made the issue of security along the U.S.-Mexican border the focus of failures of the immigration system. They ignored the fact that it has been estimated that some 40 percent of the illegal aliens present in the United States were aliens who violated the terms of their admission by overstaying, working on jobs they were not legally authorized to do, failing to attend schools for which they were admitted to attend or committing serious crimes.

Refugee Wave: Not all Syrians, Refugees?

Mohammad Al-Abaan is a Syrian who recently migrated to Germany. Talking about recent arrivals, he said, “Look at them! They pretend to be migrants from my country, but they lie. Their skin is blacker than ours. I know they are Arab-speaking Muslims from Sudan in Africa.