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A Meditation on Ecological Sustainability

The Radiant Optimism of Sustainability Sutra, by Roy Morrison

Roy Morrison is a visionary. He is also a long-time New England-based energy consultant and author who wrote the first law in the U.S. for municipal aggregation for retail electricity competition, an emerging tool which can be used by communities to encourage the development of renewable energy as well as to keep electric rates down.

In An Otherwise Divisive Election Year, Last November American Voters United to Approve more than $6 Billion for Local Parks, Natural Areas

And Californians Did Their Part

Today is Endangered Species Day

Let’s Not Forget the Main Driver of Species Disappearance: Too Many Humans

One of the most flagrant and far-reaching impacts of human overpopulation is the overexploitation, displacement and elimination of the other creatures that have been our companions on Planet Earth since our distant ancestors first walked upright.

Georgie Anne Geyer: Journalist with a heart…and a brain

Georgie Anne Geyer

More People = More Traffic as Population Crisis Grows

A recent story in The Denver Post – “Think traffic is bad around the Denver area? Just wait a decade or two” – could just as easily apply to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, along with 30 other overpopulated cities in America.

Winter Rains Won’t End California’s Drought

Drought-parched California recently received some good news. Scientists predict that the state will enjoy significant rainfall this winter. The reason is that the Pacific Ocean near the equator is warming, creating a condition called El Niño. It offers, say the scientists, a 95 percent chance that downpours will soon descend on the Golden State.

Earth on Edge of Losing its Coral Reefs?

The warming seas are cooking the coral (well actually, bleaching it)

Population Growth Increases Food Imports, Insecurity

The Worldwatch Institute reports that global imports of grain grew by more than five times over the last half century, from just above 50 million tons in 1961 to more than 300 million tons in 2013.

During this period, an increasing number of countries have become ever more dependent on international markets to meet their rising domestic food demand. It’s a precarious, unsustainable situation with ominous portent for the future – and one that has already led to food riots and political instability in recent years.

Overusing the Planet’s Natural Capital -- Earth Overshoot Day 2014

Today, Tuesday, August 19, is Earth Overshoot Day. This is the date humanity’s aggregate Ecological Footprint (EF) exceeds our planet’s annual budget, according to analysts at the Global Footprint Network.

Humans Squishing Bugs

Invertebrates pulverized by one species of vertebrate

We wildlife conservationists are in the habit of playing up the threat posed by humans to “charismatic” species like the giant panda, gorillas, whales, dolphins, polar bears and elephants.

What do all of these creatures have in common? They are all large mammals like us, and they all have cute babies like we do.