New York

New York Mayor de Blasio Defiantly Vows to Shred Aliens’ ID Documents; Court Okays the Lawbreaking

In a decision that received scant attention outside the greater New York metropolitan area, Staten Island Supreme Court Judge Phil Minardo ruled that city officials can legally destroy personal information – name, age, date of birth – submitted by illegal aliens to acquire an IDNYC card.

New York's Suffolk County Reverses its Sanctuary Policy

In the first of what will be many reversals of sanctuary city policies, Suffolk County (N.Y.) Sheriff Vincent DeMarco said that his jurisdiction will no longer require a judge’s order before detaining inmates wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for possible deportation.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law Exempting Taxi Drivers from Speaking English

Effective August 16, prospective New York City cab drivers will no longer have to pass an English language proficiency test to get their license to operate a cab.

Population Density in Parts of L.A. County Exceeds Brooklyn and the Bronx

An eye-popping blog post from Dr. Housing Bubble reported that some Los Angeles neighborhoods have higher population densities than New York’s notoriously overcrowded boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Dr.

Immigration Can Be Good or Bad, Depending ...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is so bullish on immigration that bull-headed is the best way to describe it. Proportion and subtlety escape him when he speaks on the subject.

NYC Mayor, Brown and Pelosi Take the Uber Casual Approach to Citizenship

Just what does New York Mayor Bill de Blasio think that citizenship means? The question arises after his recent comment about illegal aliens receiving the newly issued New York City municipal identification card. The card enables foreigners illegally residing in New York to sign rental agreements, open bank accounts and access health care. The card also gives them hefty discounts on admission to such places as the Bronx Zoo, New York City Ballet and Carnegie Hall.

In New York, Freebies to Illegal Immigrants Send Wrong Signal

During months of heated debate about the Senate amnesty bill, advocates repeated some of the same claims over and over again. Among them were that newly legalized aliens would quickly assimilate into America’s social fabric.

While there may be some truth to that, immigration history proves that the steps to assimilation include getting a job and using the money earned from hard work to provide for life’s daily necessities and its pleasures.

For Illegal Immigrants, Nothing is ever Good Enough

Many thanks to New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera and State Assemblyman Karim Camara for providing me with a new chapter for my upcoming, nonfiction opus still in rough draft form but tentatively titled, “For Illegal Immigrants, Nothing is ever Good Enough.”

A Tale of Three States

Half a century ago, California’s movers and shakers were giddy that the Golden State was about to surpass the Empire State – New York – as the most populous in the land.

At that time, California’s population was less than half of what it is today. And man, oh man, have we ever reaped the “rewards” for the honor of Most Overpopulated State:

Epic Liberal Hypocrisy on Full Display at NYC Mayor’s Inaugural

Welcoming in a New Era with the New Year in New York, unapologetic Democrat and proud progressive Bill de Blasio was formally sworn in as the city’s 109th mayor on January 1 at a City Hall inauguration ceremony.

After two decades of Republican or centrist rule by two mayors – Republican Rudy Giuliani and Democrat-Republican-Independent Michael Bloomberg – long-suffering Democrats, liberals and progressives were ready to celebrate, and many were openly giddy and gloating.

The Limousine Liberals and hardcore lefties were back and lovin’ it.