Gov. Jerry Brown Signs SB-10; Bill Heads to Alien-Friendly D.C. for Final Okay

Californians May Soon be Paying Billions of Dollars for Illegal Alien Health Care

If You Like Your Job You Can Keep It – NOT!

The “Affordable Care Act” is raising many questions and the blood pressure of many Americans who have discovered that, because of this flawed legislation, they are losing the healthcare insurance and/or their doctors even though they were happy with both. So much for assurances by the administration and our leaders!

California’s Illegal Immigrants Push for Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

When it comes to appeasing California’s illegal immigrants and their multiple, well-organized, well-funded lobbyists, nothing is ever enough.

In October, aliens scored a series of legislative victories that will allow them to get driver’s licenses, become lawyers and, thanks to the duplicitously named Trust Act, avoid deportation for all but those most grievous criminal offenses. Yet the ink was barely dry on Governor Jerry Brown’s signatures before a new push for another entitlement was up and running.

Where illegal aliens & health care collide

Illegal aliens often seek medical care in hospital emergency rooms. So imagine that Jane, a hypothetical illegal alien, went to a Houston, Texas emergency room with something as simple as the flu. The hospital doctors and nurses review her symptoms, maybe observe her overnight, possibly prescribe medicine and release her the next day.