February Jobs Report Offers Mixed Bag, but Oil Industry Gets Hammered

The February Bureau of Labor Statistics report had something for the bulls, and something for the bears.

Peak Oil ≠ Peak Exports

Saudi Arabia must consume ever more of its oil to supply its own exploding population

Gas Prices Drop, Unemployment Rises Among Oilfield Workers

While motorists were enjoying the steep drop in gas prices, workers in the oil industry grew more apprehensive with each penny’s decline at the pump. The lower prices plunged, the more at risk their jobs became.

Obama, Oil, Climate Change, Population and Immigration

How Immigration-Driven Population Growth Converted the Climate President into the Oil President

Fracking Our Way to Freedom?

Domestic U.S. oil production peaked in about 1970, fulfilling an outlandish prediction made back in 1956 at a meeting of the American Petroleum Institute by the Shell Oil Company geoscientist Dr. M. King Hubbert. With his stubborn personality and brilliant mind, the Texas-born Hubbert was able to see beyond the “myth of superabundance” that afflicted national thinking about natural resources back then – and still prevails today in many quarters.

The population equation: exceeding carrying capacity

The most avoided, ignored and evaded issue the United States faces grows more portentous by the day: human overpopulation. Our leaders, the main stream media and average citizens continuously suppress overpopulation's consequences. Too few understand what an added 138 million people to the United States during the next 38 years will mean to water, energy, resources, quality of life and standard of living.

Part 9: What Constitutes Overpopulation in America?

Gridlocked traffic in our cities, 35,000 roadway deaths annually, 6,000 pedestrian deaths, tens of thousands of pedestrian injuries