Open Borders

The Betrayal of Lawful Immigrants by Open Borders Anarchists

The goal of open borders anarchists is to eliminate the distinction between those who enter the country illegally and those who come legally.

Aliens may be admitted into the United States as immigrants or as nonimmigrants, depending on whether they have been granted lawful immigrant status. Lawful immigrants, in entering the U.S., hope to become a part of the magnificent tapestry that is America, to begin their lives anew to build their futures and, consequently, the future of our nation. Their U.S. presence is sanctioned by our immigration laws.

California a Separate Nation, President Jerry Brown?

California activists submitted a proposed ballot initiative for the November 2018 election that would pave the way for the state to secede.

U.S. Finally Gets a Presidential Candidate Who Takes on Utter Failure of Open Borders Policies

After years of being ignored or dismissed, last night millions of Americans were given a voice when billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump accepted the GOP nomination for President of the United States, directly and clearly calling out the country’s massive immigration failure in all its reality, and promising, “We will be a country of law and order.”

Advocates’ Immigration Polling Dishonest, Deceptive, Devious

When critics ask the California Latino Legislative Caucus how it can justify passing entitlement bills for illegal immigrants that never get to the ballot box, its leaders say that California is onboard with expanding rights to aliens. Citizens didn’t vote on whether aliens should get driver’s licenses, receive permission to practice law, benefit from expanded in-state tuition under the Dream Act or access taxpayer funded Medi-Cal services.