Birth Tourism, Anchor Babies, International Students and Businessmen Driving Orange County, California, Population Surge

In an apparent effort to get a head start on their December Christmas shopping, Chinese birth tourism mothers, anchor babies, international students and business men have descended on one of California’s most popular and tony shopping centers, Orange County’s South Coast Plaza.

Despite Laws Prohibiting It, Central American Public Charges Come, Stay, Collect

A CAPS homepage story featured an Associated Press article which revealed that Department of Homeland Security efforts to dissuade Central American and Mexican border crossers have mostly failed.

Revisiting How we Got Here

I have been asked by CAPS to write a series of blog posts. I feel uniquely qualified to write about population growth caused by legal and illegal immigration as I've forgotten more about these subjects than most people will ever know. It’s not a blessing, but a curse. I feel like Renfield in “Dracula,” as it is my personal burden, maybe yours also, to see what is happening to our country and wonder why few others do.

Presidential Candidates Dance around Need for Effective Immigration Enforcement

Immigration has emerged as the critical issue in the Presidential campaign. Most of the candidates have agreed the U.S.-Mexico border must be made secure, although former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has declared that securing that border and deporting illegal aliens would simply cost too much.

Why Americans Must Demand a 10-Year Immigration Moratorium

Today in America, with 322 million people, seven states – California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas – face imminent water shortages.

Yet, because of consistently high numbers of both legal and illegal immigrants coming to the United States every year, our country is expected to grow from that already high 322 million people to more than 438 million within the next 35 years. If you think we have water problems now …

Immigration: The Numbers Keep Rising

Mainstream media folks always are looking for ways to make it appear that immigration isn’t so much of a problem. One line they’ve used in recent years is that net migration from Mexico, legal and illegal, has gone down to zero, with the number of people entering evenly balanced by the number leaving.

Talk about Unsustainable: 1.24 Million Immigrants Annually!

The latest U.S. Census Bureau report should send shockwaves up and down the halls of Congress. Yet the legislators greeted the federal agency’s projection that 1.24 million immigrants (net) will settle in America during 2015 with a collective yawn. Actual immigration would be higher than 1.24 million since the net figure subtracts migrants who return home or die.

Immigration Optimism Borders on Psychosis

Immigration enthusiasts have an optimism that borders on psychosis. If anyone suggests that the current policy of mass immigration is causing problems, they resoundingly reply – after the fashion of Voltaire’s Pangloss – that we have the best of all possible policies. Are immigrants not assimilating? “Don’t worry,” the enthusiasts enthuse, “They used to say that about the Irish and the Italians, but everything worked out just fine. And so it will again!”

Pointless Diversity Visa Overdue for Cancellation

Every year, the State Department issues millions of visas under dozens of categories for purposes as varied as working in agriculture, having a special talent, enrolling in foreign exchange programs, and even getting married.

Mass Immigration Is Anti-Immigrant

The opponents of reasonable immigration restriction commonly use invective and insult as substitutes for rational argument. One example is labeling immigration restrictionists as “anti-immigrant.” The idea suggested, it seems, is that anyone who questions excessive immigration does so because he has an irrational hostility toward immigrants.