USCIS Director: America’s Immigration System ‘Unjust’

Although the United States has the world’s most generous immigration system, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez recently referred to it as “unjust.”

Immigration Can Be Good or Bad, Depending ...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is so bullish on immigration that bull-headed is the best way to describe it. Proportion and subtlety escape him when he speaks on the subject.

A Californian Looks at Earth Day, and Beyond

As a native Californian, I’ve lived on both sides of population explosion. I’m on the fence about whether that’s a good or bad thing. As a kid growing up on Santa Monica’s beaches in the 1950s when the state’s population was 10.5 million, I felt like I had the sand and the sea to myself.

If Immigration Makes Us Rich, Then Where’s the Prosperity?

Immigration advocates never tire of telling us that immigration brings economic prosperity. And to back up their claim, they have stables of economists who offer studies with ingenious explanations as to why this is so.

University of Tennessee Law Professor: To Help Struggling Americans, Reduce Immigration

President Obama rarely misses an opportunity to pontificate about his determination to help the American middle class, close the income inequality gap and reduce poverty. Obama has failed miserably at all three.

Population May Rise Higher than Now Projected

In 2012 the Census Bureau sharply reduced its projection for U.S. population growth. Prior to that it forecast that the total U.S. population would reach 439 million by the year 2050. The Pew Research Center calculated that 82 percent of that growth would come from immigrants and their descendants.

New House Bill Would End Chain Migration, Stabilize Population

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) has introduced new legislation to end what’s known as chain migration, one of the biggest contributors to mass immigration. A similar bill proposed last year by another Georgia Republican, Phil Gingrey, did not advance.

Just How Many Immigrants? – Let the Debate Begin

To some people, notes Simon Hankinson in a recent column in The Fiscal Times, we have a “broken” immigration system because “America does not admit enough immigrants legally and quickly.” This, incredibly, is at a time when – for the past 25 years – we’ve had the highest sustained level of legal immigration in our history, averaging around a million a year

Global Instability Will Continue to Drive Immigration in 2015

As we celebrated the world over, welcoming in 2015, a cargo ship, apparently abandoned by crew, was on a crash course to the Italian coast with nearly 800 people, presumed to be illegal migrants.

The Big Lie of ‘Slow Growth’

When the News Media Analyze Population Growth, ‘Newspeak’ is the Norm – How Else Could Growing by Tens of Millions Be ‘Slow Growth?’