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graphic showing evolution of downsizing

“Downsizing” in contemporary vernacular has come to be associated with reducing possessions – “stuff” – to live more simply. But in Alexander Payne’s new film, “Downsizing,” the word has a completely different meaning.

Bill Maher: We Should Have Fewer Resource-Sucking Children

bill maher
Outspoken comedian Bill Maher of HBO’s popular show Real Time with Bill Maher, taped in Los Angeles, is a mixed bag when it comes to overpopulation, or maybe just mixed up. 

California Education System Overwhelmed, Can’t Keep up with Student Population Growth

CSU to end remedial English, math classes
CSU to end remedial English, math classes.

California: Housing Shortage or People Overage?

Last month, a lead Los Angeles Times story focused on California’s housing shortage, especially acute in the low and very low income sectors. In 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan signed a law that ordered cities and counties to plan every eight years for new home construction to meet the needs of all economic segments of their communities. Critics call the law useless since it requires plans, but doesn’t mandate that the homes actually be built.