Continuing Human Population Growth Overwhelming, Wiping out World Wildlife

“Can you think of any problem on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any way aided, assisted, or advanced by having larger populations at the local level, state level, nationally, or globally? Can you think of anything that will get better, if we crowd more people into our towns, cities, states, nations, or world?”

Solitude Sought in Nature Threatened by Overpopulation and Overcrowding

Sierra Club 1981 BulletinYears before I became persona non grata in the Sierra Club for my criticism of its leadership’s refusal to acknowledge i

Why Americans Must Demand a 10-Year Immigration Moratorium

Today in America, with 322 million people, seven states – California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas – face imminent water shortages.

Yet, because of consistently high numbers of both legal and illegal immigrants coming to the United States every year, our country is expected to grow from that already high 322 million people to more than 438 million within the next 35 years. If you think we have water problems now …

Immigration: The Numbers Keep Rising

Mainstream media folks always are looking for ways to make it appear that immigration isn’t so much of a problem. One line they’ve used in recent years is that net migration from Mexico, legal and illegal, has gone down to zero, with the number of people entering evenly balanced by the number leaving.

San Bernardino: From Paradise to Overpopulated Urban Nightmare

When I read that 9 percent of San Bernardino County’s public school students are homeless, I immediately remembered Gov. Jerry Brown’s open invitation last year to all Mexicans to come to California “whether they have permission or not.” Brown gushed: “You’re all welcome in California today.”

Talk about Unsustainable: 1.24 Million Immigrants Annually!

The latest U.S. Census Bureau report should send shockwaves up and down the halls of Congress. Yet the legislators greeted the federal agency’s projection that 1.24 million immigrants (net) will settle in America during 2015 with a collective yawn. Actual immigration would be higher than 1.24 million since the net figure subtracts migrants who return home or die.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Unleashing 21st Century Frankenstein on the Natural World

In the 20st century, the human multitude rearranged rivers, deserts, rainforests and the oceans to suit its voracious appetite for dominance over the Natural World and to feed itself.

Overpopulation: A Silent Majority Is Concerned

While Gov. Jerry Brown finally acknowledged that population growth might be a problem, generally, overpopulation is not an issue much discussed by our elected leaders or media these days. This is rather unbelievable, given the already staggering world population – now at 7.3 billion – may soar to 10.9 billion by the end of the century.

Overdeveloped, Overpopulated, Overshot

A visually stunning new coffee table picture book has been published in conjunction with 2015’s Global Population Speak Out (GPSO), a campaign orchestrated and underwritten by the Population Media Center, the Population Institute and the Foundation for Deep Ecology.

Not only Elephants, Rhinos and Gorillas Face Extinction in Africa; Human Overpopulation is Devouring (Literally) Other Large Herbivores Too

Imagine a lonely, desolate world without magnificent creatures such as elephants, rhinos, gorillas, hippos, zebras and giraffes gracing the wild. One in which perhaps a few abject stragglers survive behind bars in zoos as objects of regret or ridicule for hordes of gawkers.