California Adds Nearly 360,000 People to the State

Numbers and math very much govern our daily lives. What’s the temperature outside today? That “number” determines our choice to wear a tank top, shorts and thongs, or a wool sweater. While EV drivers are notorious for how closely they monitor their onboard gauges (numbers) to maximize their battery power, most of the rest of us don’t get on the road without checking to see if our gasoline level is closer to “full” or “empty.”

With Record Drought it’s Time to Think About Ending Perpetual Population Growth

When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is ... stop digging!

Another month, another slew of suggestions for reducing water usage. Jerry “The Frown” Brown pumps his fist and points his finger at us for not reducing water usage enough. Yes, enough is enough, Jerry. When are you going to acknowledge enough population growth is enough?

Immigration-Fueled Population Growth a Run-Away Train

Evidence of immigrants’ increased presence in the United States is everywhere. Whether in California and its open southern border with Mexico or in Maine where the Department of Labor has opened a service center for migrant blueberry pickers, years of liberalized immigration laws, especially those that govern visa issuance, diminished enforcement in the interior and at the border, plus 1 million legal permanent residents added annually have pushed the U.S.

Population May Rise Higher than Now Projected

In 2012 the Census Bureau sharply reduced its projection for U.S. population growth. Prior to that it forecast that the total U.S. population would reach 439 million by the year 2050. The Pew Research Center calculated that 82 percent of that growth would come from immigrants and their descendants.

Get the New Edition of Man Swarm by CAPS Advisory Board Member Dave Foreman with Laura Carroll

Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild WorldIn 2011, visionary arch-conservationist and CAPS advisory board member Dave Foreman came out with a new book entitled Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife. As the arresting, politically incorrect title suggests, Man Swarm was a hard-hitting polemic, but not an angry one.

Just How Many Immigrants? – Let the Debate Begin

To some people, notes Simon Hankinson in a recent column in The Fiscal Times, we have a “broken” immigration system because “America does not admit enough immigrants legally and quickly.” This, incredibly, is at a time when – for the past 25 years – we’ve had the highest sustained level of legal immigration in our history, averaging around a million a year

Americans Still Worried About Population Growth, But Environmental Groups Couldn’t Give a Hoot

A recently released opinion poll by Rasmussen Reports reveals that more than twice as many Americans think the U.S. population is growing too fast rather than too slowly. Now if only blind, deaf and dumb environmental groups like the Sierra Club would realize this. (In the case of the Sierra Club, I should say former environmental group; now it’s primarily a left-wing “social justice” organization.)

Latest Reality Check: Still Only One Habitable Planet – Better Caregiving Needed

Physicist Stephen Hawking recently said, “I think the human race has no future if it doesn’t go into space.” Moving off planet must to be part of the “long-term strategy,” Hawking believes, if Homo sapiens is to survive for another million years.

The Big Lie of ‘Slow Growth’

When the News Media Analyze Population Growth, ‘Newspeak’ is the Norm – How Else Could Growing by Tens of Millions Be ‘Slow Growth?’

A regrettable choice of words: An elephant in the room, a straw man or a red herring?

A study recently published in the prestigious scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reached the unsurprising if not banal conclusion that: “because of…demographic momentum, there are no easy ways to change the broad trends of human population size this century.”