New Projections Blow Past Previous Estimates of World Population Stabilization in This Century

As a writer working to educate about human overpopulation, it’s easy to get discouraged. Why? While there are success stories, the bad news often seems overwhelming.

Two is Company, Eight Billion is a Crowd

Here at CAPS we understand that unchecked population growth is the most serious threat to the environment and global living standards. The site, MPHOnline.org, recently published a startling infographic that explains in simple terms what human overpopulation means for us now and into the future. Environmental, societal, resource and public health issues are all things that are affected directly by human overpopulation.

California: The Drought Continues

California droughtPeople across the country haven’t heard much about California’s drought in recent months. But as Californians well know, that drought – the worst in the state’s recorded history – has not relented.

Brown Belittles Californians Who Sensibly Choose Smaller Families

Jerry Brown and former girlfriend, singer Linda Ronstadt, made headlines while they were dating. Brown is among the “affluent” he chides for not “producing” offspring; Ronstadt has two adopted children.

Today is World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day. Sunday was World Lion Day. Frankly, every day could be given over to recognizing an animal, because we must do more to build awareness of what man is doing worldwide to destroy our rich biodiversity. Simultaneously, we must work to stop more losses and then reverse the trends.

Numbers Should Trump the ‘Sympathy Card’

Open border advocates immediately play the “sympathy card” anytime anyone suggests limits on immigration. “They’re just poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” they piously emote, “so we must let them all in, each and every one.”

The State of the Population Debate

Today is World Population Day, observed internationally since 1989 to bring awareness
to the urgency and importance of population issues and to find solutions.

If humans had all been truly Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man”) – with a modicum of mathematical understanding – rather than intellectual captives of hidebound dogmas and prejudices, the population issue would have been settled decades ago...or would never have even become an “issue” at all.

On Our Innumeracy

When I blog, it will be almost exclusively about the United States, one of the three most overpopulated nations.

That is due to our high numbers – third only behind China and India – our huge environmental footprint and that sleek, new side-by-side refrigerator I bought last spring.

Diamonds (and Human Impacts) Are Forever: The Long-Lived Consequences of Growth

A “long time” depends on perspective – to an impatient child it’s measured in minutes, to a historian in decades or centuries, and to the geologist in millennia. The size of humanity and our corresponding scale of influence have grown to the point where we are now a “geologically significant” force. As you might guess, our long-term influence on the planet is not for the better. We are causing a mass extinction.

The 300 Million-Immigrant Factor Facing America

With immigration’s continued onslaught prompted by the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, we added 100 million people to America from 1965 to 2007. We jumped from 194 million people to 300 million in 42 years. That same bill guarantees our country another 100 million immigrants within just 30 years.