August 8 is Earth Overshoot Day

Today, Monday, August 8, is Earth Overshoot Day. This is the estimated date – as determined annually by the Global Footprint Network (GFN) – when humankind’s aggregate demand for natural resources and ecological services in the current year exceeds what Earth is able to regenerate in one year.

Overdeveloped, Overpopulated, Overshot

A visually stunning new coffee table picture book has been published in conjunction with 2015’s Global Population Speak Out (GPSO), a campaign orchestrated and underwritten by the Population Media Center, the Population Institute and the Foundation for Deep Ecology.

California Adds Nearly 360,000 People to the State

Numbers and math very much govern our daily lives. What’s the temperature outside today? That “number” determines our choice to wear a tank top, shorts and thongs, or a wool sweater. While EV drivers are notorious for how closely they monitor their onboard gauges (numbers) to maximize their battery power, most of the rest of us don’t get on the road without checking to see if our gasoline level is closer to “full” or “empty.”

William R. Catton, Jr.: An Appreciation

Several weeks ago I learned that William R. Catton, Jr., author of the landmark book, Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change, had passed away in January at the age of 88 in Washington State, days shy of his 89th birthday.

Dr. Catton was a professor emeritus of sociology at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. This unassuming, polite gentleman and U.S. Navy veteran (1943-1946) was not all that well-known among most environmentalists, population activists or immigration campaigners.

Overusing the Planet’s Natural Capital -- Earth Overshoot Day 2014

Today, Tuesday, August 19, is Earth Overshoot Day. This is the date humanity’s aggregate Ecological Footprint (EF) exceeds our planet’s annual budget, according to analysts at the Global Footprint Network.