Paul Ehrlich

Bill Gates Badmouths Paul Ehrlich on Immigration – Gates is Wrong, but Not for the Right Reason

The name “Ehrlich” is practically synonymous with modern concern about overpopulation. In 1968, at the behest of the legendary conservationist David Brower, then the dynamic executive director of the Sierra Club, the husband and wife duo of Paul and Anne Ehrlich penned the best-selling book, The Population Bomb – igniting the population movement and uniting it (temporarily, at least) with the environmental movement.

Wagering on the World’s Future

In 1981, two flamboyant American college professors with diametrically different worldviews made an unfortunate bet that we population and environmental activists have been living down ever since.

One was a pessimistic ecologist and the other an optimistic economist. How could it have been otherwise? When was the last time you heard of optimistic ecologists and pessimistic economists?

Future Famines and Food Shortages? Nah, it’s just environmentalists’ collective alarmism, amnesia

More than two centuries after Malthus first published An Essay on the Principle of Population in 1798, the long-running philosophical battle it triggered rages on. On one side are those who believe in biophysical limits to growth on earth; on the other are those who disparage any such “limits” as a fabrication of the faint-hearted and feeble-minded.

Revisiting 'Limits to Growth'

“We’re at 150 percent of the global carrying capacity.”

– Dennis Meadows

'It’s All Boiling Down to Too Many People' – GrowthBusters Review

“I think sustainability is a bicycle with two wheels – No. 1 would be stabilizing population and second is reducing consumption.”

– Dick Lamm, former governor of Colorado

“If you manage, somehow, to half each person’s consumption, on average, but you allow population size to double, you haven’t gained at all, because, if you have half as much consumption per person, but twice as many persons, you’re right where you started.”