Pew Research Center

Pew Projection for U.S. Population in 2065: A Challenge to Clinton and Trump

The Pew Research Center published last September an eye-opening,127-page report on the demographic future of the United States, given current trends in immigration and fertility. This report provides a firm foundation for questions that moderators of the upcoming Clinton-Trump debates, and honest journalists of any stripe, should put to the candidates.

U.S. Illegal Alien Population Reportedly Falls Below 11 Million

​In a January 20, 2016, news article, “U.S. illegal immigrant population falls below 11 million, continuing nearly decade-long decline,” it was reported:

Supreme Court to Hear Obama Amnesty; What Will Become of American Workers?

Supreme Court to decide on adding more

Pew Report: Illegal Immigrants Not Living in Shadows, Don’t Fear Deportation

According to the Pew Hispanic Trends Research Project, more than half of the nation’s 11 million aliens have lived in the United States for at least 13 years. I’ve translated this to mean that despite years of mainstream media tear-jerking hype about “living in the shadows” and “fearing deportation,” at least 6.5 million have settled very nicely, thank you, into everyday American life even though they entered unlawfully.

Muslim Fertility Rates Pose Grave Concerns About Islamic Population Increases

The news announced last week that the worldwide Muslim population will increase at double at the rate of non-Muslims over the next 20 years has alarmed immigration restrictionists.