California Moves Closer to Sanctuary State Status, Haven for Criminal Aliens

Even though I’ve heard the argument countless times that sanctuary cities make communities safer, I always shake my head in disbelief when I hear it again.

New York's Suffolk County Reverses its Sanctuary Policy

In the first of what will be many reversals of sanctuary city policies, Suffolk County (N.Y.) Sheriff Vincent DeMarco said that his jurisdiction will no longer require a judge’s order before detaining inmates wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for possible deportation.

Texas Moves to Curb Gang Crime; California Does Nothing

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, who led the 26-state coalition’s lawsuit against President Obama’s unilateral executive action amnesty, has taken another step toward curbing illegal immigration. Abbott’s move is bold, and one that California’s Jerry Brown should, but won’t, consider.

The U.S. Unraveling – Some Cities Are Hiring Alien Police Officers

Unbelievably, some police departments across the United States have taken a giant step to creating true anarchy for those who live within their jurisdictions. These cities and towns that are supposed to be protected by local police are now hiring police officers who are not U.S. citizens. Additional cities are seeking to have laws and regulations altered to enable them to adopt similar hiring practices.