A U.S. with One Billion People ‘Would be Amazing’

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Population Growth: Overlooked Cause of Astronomical Housing Costs in California

Telegraph Hill District of San Francisco
Astronomical:  the cost of housing in San Francisco
(Telegraph Hill District)

California Daily Shines Light, Inadvertently, on RAISE Act Benefits

Its vacation’s almost over, California Assembly Returns Soon to Vote on SB 54.

As U.S. Population Rises, Groundwater Levels Fall

A new analysis by the Alexandria, Virginia-based group Negative Population Growth (NPG) finds that rapid U.S. population growth is stressing both the quantity and quality of our nation’s critical groundwater resources.

California Education System Overwhelmed, Can’t Keep up with Student Population Growth

CSU to end remedial English, math classes
CSU to end remedial English, math classes.

Freaking Out Over Falling Fertility Rates

In 1986, demographers Michael Teitelbaum and Jay Winter wrote a prophetic book entitled The Fear of Population Decline.

In the three decades since, the population of virtually every country on Earth has grown larger, many by substantial amounts. The planet as a whole has added about 2.5 billion human beings since their book was published. So was the book or the “fear” which it described misplaced?

High Population Density Pollutes Beaches (Sometimes)

Around the world, one of the typical consequences of high human population density in coastal zones is polluted beaches, or to be more precise, polluted water at those beaches.

California: Housing Shortage or People Overage?

Last month, a lead Los Angeles Times story focused on California’s housing shortage, especially acute in the low and very low income sectors. In 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan signed a law that ordered cities and counties to plan every eight years for new home construction to meet the needs of all economic segments of their communities. Critics call the law useless since it requires plans, but doesn’t mandate that the homes actually be built.

On World Population Day, Ignorance and Apathy Rule

July 11 is World Population Day. Originally conceived in 1989 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), this global event aims to focus the world’s attention on the importance and urgency of population issues. It seeks to raise greater awareness of population, including its bearing on such vital topics as the environment, development, migration and sustainability.

Big Island Reality: Population Pressures Everywhere

Within less than an hour after deplaning at the Kona International Airport on Hawaii’s Big Island, tourists who may have envisioned an island paradise retreat will get a rude reality jolt. Exiting the airport, and getting onto the main highway, the traveler will encounter traffic that stretches for miles in all directions.

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