Population Projections: The Best is Bad, the Worst, Disaster

Despite What You May Read, No U.S. Baby Shortfall

“U.S. Birth Rate Falls to a Record Low; Decline Is Greatest Among Immigrants” was the headline story about new stats from the Pew Research Center.

On the way to the next 100 million

The Next 100 Million by Arthur C. Nelson and Robert E. Lang in the January 2007 issue of Planning (a publication of the American Planning Association) assessed the 2006 state of the rising US population, its effects on housing and offered possible solutions.

Population growth

Too bad we can count!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with the Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) conducted their annual study of unauthorized immigrant populations residing in the US.  In short, the study explores the number of illegal aliens in the US in 2010, where they are from, how long they have been here, etc.