President Obama

Obama is at it Again: Amnesty Teleconference – You’re not Invited

The Obama administration’s determination to grant lawful permanent residence to illegal immigrants without congressional approval marches on unabated. Obama’s goal is to dismantle as much immigration law as possible during his remaining weeks in the White House.

Chicago under Fire, but Leaders Want Costly Amnesty, Refugee Resettlement, Not Neighborhood Safety

Refugees, asylees and illegal immigrants crossing the border know that if they claim “credible fear of persecution” they have an excellent chance of gaining U.S. permanent residency. Whether their claims are fraudulent matters little.

State of the Union Address Offers Pro-Immigration Pols Three (!) Opportunities to Advance their Cause

On the political calendar, the year’s first major event is the president’s State of the Union address, followed immediately by the opposition party’s reply. Starting in 2013, a Hispanic response also comes after the president’s formal speech.

Obama’s State of the Union, Governor Haley’s Rebuttal All In on Immigration

Last night, I made the difficult decision to tune into President Obama’s State of the Union address. Frankly, watching Obama who has done more damage in less time that anyone could have imagined to bypass Congress, gut immigration laws and increase population by opening the borders to Central Americans and others is tough. CAPS has been fighting for sensible immigration and population stabilization for three decades.

CAPS Starts 2016 with Campaign to End Criminal Alien-Harboring Sanctuary Cities

Last summer, Kate Steinle’s name suddenly dominated the national news cycle. Five-time deported, seven-time convicted felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a Mexican national, brutally murdered Steinle in sanctuary city San Francisco. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 340 cities and counties are considered sanctuaries whose goal is to protect aliens from deportation by refusing to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers.

The Year in Review: Immigration Victories Outweigh Losses

Big 2015 wins dwarf the year’s setbacks.

Obama Presses Harder for Resettlement, Turns Deaf Ear to Security Experts

President Obama traveled to Malaysia where he obstinately pressed for his unpopular refugee invite-the-world vision that the House voted to tighten up with additional screening measures.

State of the Union

“The state of the Union is strong,” President Obama told the nation last night. Depending on your personal situation, how extensively you follow what’s happening in the world and your level of respect for power and authority, you may believe that.

On Christmas, Obama Pounds Away at His Unlawful Amnesty, Erroneously Cites Bible

Relying on one of the most hackneyed arguments to defend amnesty, President Obama recently said that Americans should support his immigration executive action, heed the Bible – which he misquoted – and treat the strangers among us kindly.

Obama’s ‘Gift’ to International Terrorists: Immigration Executive Action

The December 11, 2014, Fox News article, “Fox News Poll: 81 percent expect ISIS attack on US, majority says keep Gitmo open,” makes it clear that the threat of a terror attack, carried out on U.S. soil, is of great concern to the overwhelming majority of American citizens.