President Obama

Reagan and Bush Didn’t Do What Obama Did

Amnesty advocates are frantically grasping at legal straws in an attempt to justify President Obama’s most recent unlawful edict granting legal status and work permits to illegal aliens. One claim is that Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did the same thing during their administrations, thereby providing a legal precedent for Obama to do what he did.

Obama Offers to Wash Boehner’s Car, Walk his Dog in Exchange for Amnesty Vote

Here’s a quick review of what Americans need to know as the Obama executive amnesty debate intensifies. Keep these things in mind the next time President Obama says, “Just pass a bill.”

Lawless Napolitano Lectures about Law

Janet Napolitano, former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and current president of the University of California system, recently addressed the University of Georgia School of Law. Those who appreciate irony certainly can savor that spectacle: an arch advocate of lawlessness presuming to lecture at a law school.

Picking Apart Obama’s Duplicitous Immigration Address

Watching President Obama’s immigration speech last night was a tough slog. Americans who have been following the president’s steadfast refusal to enforce immigration laws since his inauguration can be forgiven if they spent most of the evening slack-jawed. Obama’s speech defied logic and contradicted fact.

Obama to Recklessly Grant Administrative Amnesty

At 8:00 PM EST, President Obama will finally deliver on his promise to grant an administrative amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens.  Even though Obama’s unconstitutional legalization has been anticipated for weeks, it’s disheartening to have official confirmation that the president doesn’t govern with Americans’ common good as his goal.

Obama Concocts Legal Pretexts for Amnesty Edicts

President Obama seems determined to issue an edict granting amnesty to illegal aliens, probably millions of them, before the end of the year. He broke his promise to proclaim it by the end of summer, to avoid a backlash against his party in the November elections, but now many observers say he will issue his decree sometime in December.

Casablanca’s Captain Renault: ‘I’m Shocked, Shocked….’

In his famous scene from Casablanca, Claude Rains, playing the role of Captain Louis Renault, jokingly suggested that gambling in the local Rick’s Café nightclub astonished him. In truth, Renault is fully in the know, corrupt and on the take.

Forty-Four Illegal Entry Attempts: No Reason Not to Keep Trying

Consequences of unlawful entry depend on who’s threatened. This weekend, Omar J. Gonzalez scaled the White House fence and managed to open the door to the executive mansion. Law enforcement officials promptly arrested Gonzalez who was armed with a folding knife.

A Letter to President Obama

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Americans, Finally Waking Up, Worry about Too Many Worker Visas

Last year, the Senate passed a massive immigration bill that would have more than doubled legal immigration within a decade. H-1B visas, the vehicle most immigrants use to enter the U.S. labor market, would have increased from the current 85,000 cap to 180,000. The Border Enforcement, Economic Security and Immigration Modernization Act would also have removed language that specified that companies have to consider American applicants before hiring a foreign-born employee.