President Obama

Extend Legal Standing to Citizens

Many patriotic immigration reformers ask why it is that American citizens don’t initiate lawsuits against the federal government to require enforcement of immigration laws. They note that open border groups constantly sue the government on behalf of illegal aliens to prevent effective enforcement, and quite often they win.

Amnesty Advocates Arrested at White House: Reid Supports Them, Obama Hedges; Where’s Enforcement?

Not that more evidence is needed to prove that forces pushing a blanket amnesty refuse to take “no” for an answer, but here’s the latest.

On President’s Day, U.S. Park police arrested about 30 demonstrators who the United Methodist Church and the National Day Labor Organizing Network had gathered at the White House north gate. Before acting, the police issued three warnings asking that the protestors tone down their anti-deportation chanting.

Encouraging Signs from the House, Still...

GuzzardiOn July 10th, the House held its first Republican conference regarding the Senate’s Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act. The outcome was encouraging. None of the representatives indicated that a well defined immigration reform action plan had been identified.

Obama’s phony climate speech titillates his base But omits the truth he won’t admit

Loyal liberal that I am – at least when I am not being denounced as a racist xenophobe by mass immigration zealots – I have been inundated in recent days with messages touting President Obama’s speech at Georgetown University on climate change.

Three Things for the Earth Day To-Do List

Here’s my recommended list for Earth Day … and beyond. It’s just three things, but they’re three important ones:

Obama White House Urges Higher Immigration to Boost Sagging U.S. Population Growth

The Obama Administration has just announced that, in effect, it advocates more U.S. population growth now and forever.  The administration may just as well have proclaimed its support for Ponzi schemes or perpetual motion machines.  At least then it might have jolted intellectually indolent, somnolent environmentalists from their golden slumbers. As it is, this utterly preposterous pronouncement went unnoticed and uncommented on by those well-funded sanctimonious saints supposedly struggling to save our environment.

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration

If you build it, they will come” were words from A Field of Dreams that were whispered into farmer Ray Kinsella's ear. Inspired, Kinsella, the character Kevin Costner played, built a baseball diamond in the middle of his farm.

Administration Enforcement Promises Can't Be Trusted; Read FAIR Report for Supporting Evidence

With the Senate version of the immigration coup de main against the American people launched by Marco Rubio and his Gang of Eight, and with President Obama following up in Nevada with his own four-part version, immigration-sanity patriots must gather all our weapons, aka "facts," for the struggle that's upon us.

Senate Judiciary Hearing: Building an Immigration System Worthy of American Values

On March 20, 2013 the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing that should have been of huge importance all the Senate as well as the news media.

White House, Tech Industry at Odds; Major Amnesty Stumbling Block

Ask an amnesty advocate why immigration reform has to be “comprehensive,” and you’ll likely get a blank stare. The suggestion that the only way to handle a major reform is to bundle everything together---amnesty for illegal aliens, higher caps on dozens of non-immigrant visas and maybe create a few new visas in the process---is nonsense.