DREAMers, Advocates Show Disrespect as Supreme Court Hears U.S. v. TX

During the Supreme Court hearing on U.S. v. Texas, large groups of protestors, including illegal immigrants, DREAMers and their advocates, congregated outside the historic landmark building to loudly voice their support for President Obama’s deferred action amnesties, and to mock detractors.

American Outrage over Central American Invasion Mounting

I’ve been reporting on immigration for nearly three decades. Last week had more breaking news, much of it troubling, than any seven-day period since the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. Stories were developing so quickly that I left my television on all day to be sure that before I filed a story, it had the latest facts included.

Enough is Enough – More than 300 Protests Scheduled for Weekend

After years of failure to enforce U.S. immigration laws and, under President Obama, weakening of immigration laws through executive orders, the border surge of tens of thousands of children, teens and moms from Central America maybe shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

When you advertise you’re open for business – and incentivize your customers – they will come.

White House Rolls Out Red Carpet for Aliens, Insults WWII Vets

Luckily for beleaguered White House officials, someone woke up just in time to avert a public relations disaster. The October 8 illegal alien march, officially named Camino Americano: March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect, has long been scheduled at the now officially closed National Mall.

Back from Bakersfield: Report from the Front

I’m back from Bakersfield where I spent three days (August 13-15) promoting CAPS’ television and radio spots which alerted local area patriots that House Whip Kevin McCarthy may be wavering on amnesty.