quality of life

Quality of Life and Overpopulation

From my world bicycle travels, I witnessed “quality of life” in more than 100 countries on six continents – a total of 150,000 miles over 45 years. More than the luxury traveler, I experienced those countries at 12 miles per hour. At that pace, a person gains much more than the “high speed” hotel traveler visiting Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, the Vatican, the Outback, Calcutta, Morocco and dozens of iconic tourist spots around the planet.

Quality of Life, Standard of Living: How’s Yours?

In my bicycle travels across six continents and almost 100 countries, I witnessed one harsh reality of human overpopulation: the higher the numbers, the lower the quality of life. The greater the population, the lesser the standard of living.

New Study Analyzes How Growth Impacts Income, Unemployment, Poverty

Fodor & Associates, a Eugene, Oregon-based consulting firm that specializes in community planning and land use, released a