Refugee Resettlement Declining, Helpful in Slowing U.S. Population Growth

U.S. Fertility at all-time low.
U.S. Fertility at all-time low.

Global Poll Reflects Universal Concern about Migration, Refugee Resettlement

global refugee resettlement cartoon
A 25-nation majority skeptical about immigration, refugee resettlement.

Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Enjoined Travel Ban to Go Forward

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s revised March executive order that temporarily banned travel from six Muslim majority countries. For 90 days, immigration from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will be blocked, and refugee resettlement will be paused for 120 days. The SCOTUS decision is a victory for the Trump administration after stinging defeats in the lower courts.

Trump’s Revised Executive Order Ignores the Commonsense Solution – Resettle Refugees Abroad

President Donald Trump’s revised, softened executive order that pauses refugee entry from six terrorist-sponsoring nations – Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Syria – and suspends the refugee resettlement admissions program for 120 days is sure to set off explosive racism and anti-Muslim charges leveled at the administration.

California Pols Move to Protect Aliens, Welcome Refugees, Ignore L.A.’s Homeless

Problem: Los Angeles’ acute homelessness.

Solution: More immigration, more refugees!

Trump’s Refugee EO Gives Hope to Struggling Cities

For all the fuss about President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily poses some restrictions on certain refugees’ entry into the United States, one of its key provisions has been overlooked.

According to Section 5 (g):

Trump’s Timeout on Immigrants is Common Sense

With world events often happening faster than we can even process the information, it’s easy to forget terror attacks, as in Paris: 130 dead, just a little over one year ago. Or, FBI Director James Comey’s statements that there are violent extremist investigations in every single state in the United States.

The Muslim Ban that Wasn't

“A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions
of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

In Obama’s Final Days, Immigration Abuses Pile up, Americans Count Down to Jan. 20

President-elect Donald Trump, Sen. Jeff Sessions and Gen. John Kelly, the Attorney General and Homeland Security Secretary nominees, respectively, cannot start their new jobs fast enough. While I watched Tuesday’s confirmation hearings, two items came across my desk that show yet again how woefully eroded immigration enforcement has become during the Obama administration.

Obama Enters into More Secret Refugee Deals

As previously noted, President Obama can do a whole lot of damage in his remaining two months in office. In addition to his well-publicized presidential pardons and sentence commutations, more than 1,000 to date and more than the last 11 presidents combined, Obama continues his secretive refugee resettlement program.