South Carolina Lawsuit Underlines Resettlement Concerns of Citizens

The South Carolina Republican Party primary has dominated the news cycle for the last couple of weeks. Lost in the brouhaha is a lawsuit filed by Walter Brian Bilbro, a self-described concerned citizen who opposes refugee resettlement into his state. Bilbro’s lawyer, Lauren Martel, filed the suit against Gov.

Musings on a New Mexico Bird Rehabber, Illegal Border Crossers and Refugees

I almost blanched when my state’s governor, Susana Martinez, recently numbered among governors calling for no Syrian refugee admissions until the system can be fixed.

I shed many tears watching the refugees trudging, exhausted, across hundreds of miles, with tiny children and a few possessions in hand. The “reception” they received was often callous, sometimes hateful.

The situation was inexcusable in an era when massive human migrations are common, and the world should be prepared to quickly care for and shelter massive numbers of people.

America Guaranteed to Surpass Population Capacity Sooner Rather than Later

My friend Dr. Jack Alpert, a Stanford University graduate and the director at out of Shawnee, Kansas, projects specific societal breakdown for dozens of countries around the world.

Operation Provision: Canadian Military Moves Out, Syrian Refugees Move In

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is all-in on the Syrian refugee resettlement bandwagon.

Democratic Leader Tulsi Gabbard Urges Suspending Visa Waiver System

Congressional Army veteran calls for
suspending dangerous VWP.

Syrians Surrender at U.S. Border

Last week, eight Syrians turned themselves over to immigration officials at the U.S.-Mexico border – two men, two women and four children. One day earlier, five Pakistani aliens and one Afghani alien were apprehended at the Arizona border. The male Syrians were transferred to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Pearsall, Texas, while the women and children were sent to Dilley, Texas.

Refugees May Be Resettled in High-Crime Atlantic City

Despite the back and forth between President Obama and the growing numbers of Americans who want Syrian migrants resettled in regions close to their homes, it’s business as usual for refugee advocates. Apparently, any empty building could and should be converted into a refugee shelter.

Obama Presses Harder for Resettlement, Turns Deaf Ear to Security Experts

President Obama traveled to Malaysia where he obstinately pressed for his unpopular refugee invite-the-world vision that the House voted to tighten up with additional screening measures.

Widows, Orphans, Tourists? Obama Angry about Bill to Better Vet Refugees

President Obama chided his Congressional GOP opponents who want a pause in resettling Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and accused them of “being scared of widows and orphans.” Obama later compounded his insult when he said that Syrians are no greater a threat to Americans than the thousands of tourists that visit every year.

Refugee Relocation Reality Comes to KS

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”