Taxing Remittances Is a Long Overdue Enforcement Tool to Curb Immigration

Enforcement advocates have proposed many solutions to curb illegal immigration: double-layered fencing, mandatory E-Verify, hefty fines and jail sentences for employers who hire aliens. But a less publicly discussed option that might be equally effective is to tax remittances, the money illegal aliens send back home.

Central American IDs Culprits in Surge Crisis: Central American Governments

Americans need to brace themselves for the coming wave of illegal immigrant children, a repeat of previous years’ surges. As noted on a CAPS homepage story, during fiscal year 2016 at least 20,455 unaccompanied minors have been caught along the U.S.-Mexico border as of last month.

What could the U.S. do with $37 billion?

According to the World Bank Factbook 2011, the US is the top migrant destination country and had the largest inflows of migrants between 2005 and 2010.  As of 2010, the total number of immigrants in the US is 42.8 million.  The top country with the number of emigrants (those leaving their home country) is Mexico at 11.9 million. The top migration corridor is the Mexico-United States corridor with 11.6 million people.