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The Toxification, Sickening of our Planet

Environmental contamination causes 1 in 4 deaths worldwide.

A report released on March 15 by the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that nearly 1 in 4 deaths worldwide is from exposure to toxins in the environment.

Celebrating Responsible Men and Giving Them their Voice in Family Planning

In Iran, men wanting vasectomies won’t have access, now that the government has banned surgical, permanent birth control methods, and any “violators” will be punished.

California Receives ‘A+’ on Reproductive Health, Rights – But Our Population Keeps on Growing Out of Sight!

The Washington, D.C-based Population Institute recently issued a report card on the state of reproductive health and rights in all 50 states and the nation as a whole.

California was awarded a grade of A+ for its score of 87.2 out of a possible 100 – the highest of any state in the country. Washington was the only other state in the nation to get an A+, while fellow West Coaster Oregon received an A.

The United States as a whole earned a mediocre C-.

Violence Against Women and Girls

Domestic violence is the most widespread form of violence against women: studies in 35 countries suggest that one quarter to one half of all women have been physically abused by a current or former partner.