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California Not Alone in Suffering through a Water Crisis; India is Baking, Blistering

Killer Heat Wave, Drought Devastate India

Winter Rains Won’t End California’s Drought

Drought-parched California recently received some good news. Scientists predict that the state will enjoy significant rainfall this winter. The reason is that the Pacific Ocean near the equator is warming, creating a condition called El Niño. It offers, say the scientists, a 95 percent chance that downpours will soon descend on the Golden State.

Population Growth Increases Food Imports, Insecurity

The Worldwatch Institute reports that global imports of grain grew by more than five times over the last half century, from just above 50 million tons in 1961 to more than 300 million tons in 2013.

During this period, an increasing number of countries have become ever more dependent on international markets to meet their rising domestic food demand. It’s a precarious, unsustainable situation with ominous portent for the future – and one that has already led to food riots and political instability in recent years.

California: The Drought Continues

California droughtPeople across the country haven’t heard much about California’s drought in recent months. But as Californians well know, that drought – the worst in the state’s recorded history – has not relented.