Ronald Reagan

Illegal Immigration and America’s Two-Party Crisis

America’s national elections in 2014 were a significant turning point, as is our impending election in 2016. Our two-party system is now in jeopardy. The millions of illegal immigrants in our country constitute, politically, America’s current sleeping giant. This has seriously weakened the Democratic Party and set the stage for a probable Republican takeover in Washington. This seriously threatens the traditional balance of power between America’s two major political parties.

Reagan and Bush Didn’t Do What Obama Did

Amnesty advocates are frantically grasping at legal straws in an attempt to justify President Obama’s most recent unlawful edict granting legal status and work permits to illegal aliens. One claim is that Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did the same thing during their administrations, thereby providing a legal precedent for Obama to do what he did.

Laws Irrelevant if not Enforced

Generally laws are enacted to deter undesirable activities or actions. The enforcement of such laws is primarily done for two reasons: to punish those who commit the violations of laws and to deter others who would contemplate violating those same laws.

Our immigration laws exist for two primary purposes: to protect innocent lives and the jobs of American workers. It is generally agreed that the great majority of illegal aliens who violate our immigration laws do so in order to work in the United States.

"The Hispanic Vote": An Insult Latinos Can Do Without

This blog was first published on the Center for Immigration Studies' website.