CAPS Launches Key Ad Campaign against California’s Sanctuary State Legislation

With a vote in the California Assembly coming soon on SB 54, sanctuary state legislation that would according to its author Senate President Kevin de León “freeze out” Immigration and Customs Enforcement from public schools, hospitals, court houses and other well-traveled venues, Californians for Population Stabilization has launched an ad campaign that aims to emphasize its dangers, and ensure its defeat.

More Heinous Crimes at the Hand of an Illegal Alien

By way of Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), I came across this story of yet another illegal alien, deported many times – six according to the story – who committed murder. Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez was arrested in the shooting deaths of two men and one woman, as well as the shooting injury of another man.

Border Patrol Stripping Agents of Rifles

On November 9, television station News 4 KVOA in Tucson, Arizona, reported that some Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Tucson Sector had their M4 Carbines taken from them, purportedly to carry out a “safety inspection” of the weapons, but that the weapons have neither been returned nor replaced.

Sheriffs Will March on D.C. Dec. 10 to Protest Obama’s Immigration Lawlessness

In my October 31 post, I speculated that Governor Jerry Brown might be too ashamed to attend funeral services for the two Sacramento County Sheriffs’ Deputies, Daniel Oliver and Michael David Davis Jr., murdered by twice-deported illegal alien, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte.

‘To Serve and Protect:’ Who Is Served, Protected in Sanctuary Cities and States?

Many police departments around the United States have adopted the motto, “To Serve and Protect,” to describe their primary missions. Police departments are almost always underfunded, suffer severe shortages in staffing and often face overwhelming challenges. The phrase, “Thin Blue Line,” sums up just how tenuous their ability is to overcome myriad challenges and protect the people who are present in their jurisdictions.

Lack of Intelligence in Failures to Enforce Immigration Laws

For decades our nation has failed to effectively secure the borders of the United States and effectively enforce the immigration laws from within the U.S. The influx of massive numbers of illegal aliens has been attributed to the “broken immigration system.” However, the reality is that the massive number of illegal aliens present in the U.S.

Ebola and Borders

In 1995, Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone” was published. The New York Times No. 1 Bestseller chronicles some of the lethal “hot viruses” that have emerged out of Africa, including Ebola which was first identified in 1976.

Aliens Convicted of Murder, Other Serious Crimes Released by Administration

Many police departments around the country have adopted the motto, “To Protect and Serve,” to describe their mission.