Illegal Immigrant Appointed To Government Post in California

According to Fox News, California has appointed an illegal immigrant to a statewide post. Yes, you read that right. 

Extremism Has a Hold on California

Brown vs. Session in California

The Latest on California’s Sanctuary State Law---Encouraging News

California Referendum Process Dates Back to 1911
California Referendum Process Dates Back to 1911.

Latest Federal Data Shows that Sanctuaries Aren’t Safe Places

Gov. Jerry Brown
SB 54 will have its day in court.

Motel 6 Goes Sanctuary, New Policy Protects Felons, Other Criminals

new citizens
Legal Immigrants stand united against sanctuary policies.
Sanctuary city quiz: if a sanctuary Motel 6 is located in sanctuary city Sacramento, the capital of sanctuary state California, is an illegal immigrant three-times as protected from federal law enforcement officers?

MA Gov. Introduces Anti-Sanctuary Bill; Police Chiefs Endorse It

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has taken extraordinary steps to protect his Bay State residents. After the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that holding prisoners beyond their sentence, even with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer, violates state law, Gov. Baker introduced a bill that, for certain convicted criminal alien offenders, authorizes police to honor ICE detainers.

With SB 54 Vote Coming Soon, CAPS Goes to Sacramento to Urge its Defeat

Vote No on SB 54
Help Defeat SB 54, Protect California’s citizens and legal residents.

Open Letter to the California Assembly re: SB 54

August 28, 2017
Dear Assembly members:

Soon you will be voting on Senate Bill 54. This bill is nothing more than a fraud being perpetrated on the law-abiding people of California as another measure to increase public safety.

In California’s Sanctuary City Santa Rosa, Another Preventable Death

The California Assembly has returned from summer recess, and high on its to do list is to vote on Senate Bill 54 that would expand sanctuary city policies to block federal immigration enforcement. SB 54 would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest illegal immigrants.

California’s Sanctuary State Bill: Gov. Brown v. Attorney General Sessions

Gov Jerry Brown
Brown supports California lawsuit against DOJ; wants sanctuary city
federal funding to continue.