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Sanctuary City Los Angeles Has 58,000 Homeless People

While President Trump and Congress debate the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Californian cities provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, there is another group of destitute people whose plight seems to be overlooked.

For Sanctuary Cities, Clock Strikes Midnight

clock about to strike midnight
DOJ dropping hammer on sanctuary cities.

UC Riverside Study Confirms, Sanctuaries Not Safer than Other Cities

Make California Safe, No on SB 54, Sanctuary State Bill.

DA in Sanctuary Philly Aids Alien, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Felonies

A fascinating immigration-related story, dateline sanctuary city Philadelphia, has gone mostly unpublished west of the Mississippi River. As a sanctuary city, Philadelphia law enforcement limits its cooperation with federal immigration officials. But in the Philadelphia case, the city’s top ranking law enforcement official, District Attorney Rufus Seth Williams, took bribes to assist a Jordanian national and unlawfully present alien escape airport detection upon his re-entry.

Sanctuary Lunacy Hits New High – Personal Homes Are Alien-Safe Zones!

Sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, sanctuary states, sanctuary restaurants, sanctuary hospitals, sanctuary universities, sanctuary K-12 schools and now the jackpot absurdity, the sanctuary home.

California Assemblyman’s Valiant Anti-Sanctuary Bill Fails

In a bold, trend-defying but mostly symbolic move, California Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Huntington Beach Republican, introduced a bill to counter SB 54, the legislation that would officially make the state an illegal alien sanctuary. The Public Safety Committee instantly defeated Allen’s AB 1252 along party lines.

CAPS Ad Reminds Los Angeles that Immigration Drives Most Population Growth

Los Angeles, where I was born and spent most of my youth, is bursting at the seams – too many people, too many cars, too much construction, and therefore too much lost open space. Hard to believe though it is, at one time, Los Angeles was the U.S. agricultural capital.

Puzzled Mayors Scratch Heads, Wonder What a Sanctuary City Really Is

Nobody knows what a sanctuary city is – no one!

That’s the latest excuse sanctuary city mayors and immigration advocates offer in their disingenuous effort to ensure that tens of millions of dollars in federal funding to local jurisdictions will keep pouring in even though they steadfastly and illegally refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Partners in Crime: Mayors of Sanctuary Cities, Human Traffickers and Other Criminals

Advocates for immigration anarchy known as “Sanctuary Cities” threaten national security and public safety in numerous ways. In point of fact, those municipalities should be referred to as “Magnet Cities” because they attract aliens who are criminals or terrorists or fugitives from justice in countries from around the world.

New Report: California Ranks among Nation’s Lowest in State Infrastructure Spending

Visual Capitalist is a Canadian-based research firm that relies on data visualization and infographics to develop and showcase its analytical research. According to its recent findings, California ranks 33rd in state infrastructure spending. The state that needs to spend the most on upgrades – California – should be at the top of the list.