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Steinle Trial Moves forward, but Congressional Anti-Sanctuary Bills Remain Stuck in Swamp

Artist Sketch of Steinle Trail
Testimony begins in San Francisco Sanctuary City, Kate Steinle Trial.

Frustrated Californians Wonder When DOJ’s ‘Final’ Threats to Sanctuary State Will Be ‘Final’

Kate Steinle's parents grieve
Kate Steinle’s grieving parents fight back tears as they recall how a previously deported
 illegal alien killed their daughter on San Francisco’s Pier 14 as her father watched.

AG Sessions Battles Back: California Sanctuary State Bill Puts ‘Lives and Livelihoods at Stake’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions at podium
Sessions in Portland; Said Sanctuary Cites ‘Undermine
the Moral Authority of the Law.’

SB 54 Passes, but Californians' Fight for Safe Communities Will Continue

Gov Brown heads together with Sen de Leon
Brown, de Leon Conspire to put criminal aliens back onto California’s streets.

MA Gov. Introduces Anti-Sanctuary Bill; Police Chiefs Endorse It

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has taken extraordinary steps to protect his Bay State residents. After the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that holding prisoners beyond their sentence, even with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer, violates state law, Gov. Baker introduced a bill that, for certain convicted criminal alien offenders, authorizes police to honor ICE detainers.

With SB 54 Vote Coming Soon, CAPS Goes to Sacramento to Urge its Defeat

Vote No on SB 54
Help Defeat SB 54, Protect California’s citizens and legal residents.

In California’s Sanctuary City Santa Rosa, Another Preventable Death

The California Assembly has returned from summer recess, and high on its to do list is to vote on Senate Bill 54 that would expand sanctuary city policies to block federal immigration enforcement. SB 54 would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest illegal immigrants.

For Sanctuary Cities, Clock Strikes Midnight

clock about to strike midnight
DOJ dropping hammer on sanctuary cities.

UC Riverside Study Confirms, Sanctuaries Not Safer than Other Cities

Make California Safe, No on SB 54, Sanctuary State Bill.

Orange County Sheriff Sees SB 54 Perils, Says It Would Put Public Safety at Risk

The federal government gives Orange County in California $26 million annually in recompense for housing criminal aliens. O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens worries that if SB 54 passes, her county will not only lose the money, but dangerous criminals will be released and may become repeat offenders.