Immigrants Still Generally Lag in Education

Immigration advocates recently trumpeted a report from the Pew Hispanic Center that the educational attainments of legal immigrants, at all levels of schooling, have greatly increased since 1970. In 2013 the percentage of newly arrived immigrants with post-graduate degrees (18 percent) significantly exceeded the number of native-born Americans with this level of education (11 percent).

CAPS Crowdifornia Student Video Competition Has Top Prize of $5,000

Students across the country have the opportunity to use their video production, research, storytelling and other creative skills to win the top prize of $5,000 when they enter the CAPS Crowdifornia video competition, which is now underway. The second-place winner will receive $2,500, and three runner-ups will each receive an iPhone 6.

DREAM Act, Defeated Dozens of Times, Resurfaces

The impossible-to-kill DREAM Act has again bubbled to the surface. Although multiple versions of the federal DREAM Act have been defeated for 12 years since Illinois Senator Richard Durbin first introduced it in 2001, the legislation routinely reappears. Now, according to The Hill, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte are in the “early stages” of drafting DREAM legislation.

In his statement, Goodlatte said:

While College Grads Settle for Less in Dismal Job Market, Amnesty Talks Continue

Watching the NCAA March Madness basketball games this weekend, one commercial caught my eye and reminded me of the dire jobs picture for young Americans.

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car Company featured wholesome, recent college graduates who happily touted their employers’ advantages. Two had diplomas from the University of Southern California and Southern Methodist University, private, elite institutions.

Teachers Beware, H-1B Visa Holders Want Your Job

When discussing the H-1B visa, the automatic assumption among many is that it’s used for bringing high tech foreign national workers into the United States. And while that’s its most common use, the H-1B adversely impacts other Americans struggling to keep their jobs in the teaching profession.

California Congressman Bob Filner: We Must Not Deport Alien Junior College Student; Reason: She’s a Track Star!

The other side has a new cause célèbre Dreamer. Today, it’s 20-year-old Ayded Reyes, an alien student at Chula Vista’s Southwest College. Reyes, according to the story first reported by espn-W, is “California’s top-ranked junior college athlete.”

For those of you who have been following the thousands of weepy “it’s too cruel to deport me” stories during  the past ten years that Congress has unsuccessfully tried to pass the DREAM Act, you can probably fill in the rest of Reyes’ story without any help from me.

Maryland Patriots Win Another Round against the Dream Act; California to Follow?

From Maryland last week came encouraging news for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and his signature gathering effort to overturn A.B. 131 and put the California Dream Act on a 2012 statewide ballot. To learn the latest about Assemblyman Donnelly’s progress, go to his website here.

Unsurprising Report from California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office: Dream Act Will Cost More Than Originally Estimated

Before you read my blog about the latest outrage regarding the California Dream Act---that its cost projection for taxpayers has been increased from $40 to $65 million, take a moment to watch Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom field questions from angry, frustrated University of California students who demanded to know when their annual tuition increases would end.

Taxpayer money for California DREAM Act near reality-sparks talks of a recall - Continue reading on

California’s taxpayer-funded version of the DREAM Act inched closer to reality as it leaped out of the state Senate 22-11 along party-line votes.

The legislation now moves back to the assembly to reconcile changes and is expected to pass solely on Democratic votes. From there it will head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for the expected signature.

Time to Challenge Plyler vs. Doe? Latest Grim California Education Stats Indicate "Yes"

Once considered to be recession proof, education careers---especially teaching---are shaky at best. Hiring new teachers has slowed, fewer enter the profession and those that do rarely stay long.