Secure Communities

Fearless Alien Gangster Punches Law Enforcement Officer: Obama Could Have Prevented the Assault

Earlier this month, a justice-involved youth acting without provocation sucker punched Deputy First Class Greg Morton while the officer was sitting in his marked car writing a police traffic report.

A Father's Plea to the Gang of Eight: Unlicensed Immigrant Killed My Son, Please Help Protect Americans

The following is an edited version of my letter to Senator Jeff Sessions with copies to the Gang of Eight, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein as well as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.


Dear Senator Sessions:

Administration Enforcement Promises Can't Be Trusted; Read FAIR Report for Supporting Evidence

With the Senate version of the immigration coup de main against the American people launched by Marco Rubio and his Gang of Eight, and with President Obama following up in Nevada with his own four-part version, immigration-sanity patriots must gather all our weapons, aka "facts," for the struggle that's upon us.

The Trust Act: Will Jerry Brown Have “Blood on His Hands”?

Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30 to veto or sign the Trust Act, an insultingly named bill that would allow local police officers to release aliens even if Immigration and Customs officials want them detained pursuant to Secure Communities. The Trust Act passed the Democratic controlled legislature last month. Read the CAPS homepage story about the Trust Act here.

California’s Alien Lobby Angry---Want it All, Now!

Governor Jerry Brown is the target of dueling organizations that represent aliens. One faction is pressuring Brown to sign the TRUST Act (AB 1081) and, at the same time, urging the governor to kill the driver’s license bill (AB 2189) that they claim affects many fewer people, namely “childhood arrivals” to whom the Department of Homeland Security recently granted “deferred action”

Secure Communities Vital to Californians’ Safety; TRUST Act More Alien Pandering

In late August, the California Assembly passed AB 1081, better known as the TRUST Act. If implemented, AB 1081 would gut the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities program. Assemblyman Tom Ammino spouted the usual false and disingenuous reasons why the TRUST Act is in every California residents best interests when, in fact, it only helps deportable aliens, their political advocates and their well-formed, well-funded lobby

Immigration policy in real life

President Obama's new policy to allow "prosecutorial discretion" in immigration policy may sound reasonable to compassionate ears. However, as is often true, when the policy is brought to fruition, the implications are often disastrous.

What is Secure Communities?

In Massachusetts, Citizen Outrage Over Murder Perpetrated by Alien Reaches Boiling Point

The mainstream media’s account of Matthew Denice’s violent murder last August glossed over the immigration angle. The version it offered regarding Denice’s death paled by comparison to the full grisly story.

The ongoing assault on 287(g)

In his persistence to further align himself with illegal immigration advocates, President Obama works to remove one of the most effective tools of immigration enforcement, 287(g).


Defiant Massachusetts Pro-Amnesty Advocates Denounce Secure Communities Even As Alien Crime Soars

In Massachusetts, Secure Communities will play a crucial role in the 2012 Senate election, a vital one for immigration enforcement proponents.