For Sensible Refugee Resettlement, Look to Japan

President Obama’s lame duck present to America is his accelerated Iraqi and Syrian refugee resettlement program. Refugee vetting has been slashed from the original 18 to 24 months to three. Never mind the opinions of FBI Director James Comey and other national security experts who agree that the refugees can’t be adequately screened no matter how long the time period allocated because no database exists to crosscheck them.

Orlando Shooter Employed by DHS Contractor that Transports Illegal Immigrants into the Interior

Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen worked for the U.S. subsidiary of security solutions giant G4S that the Department of Homeland Security contracted to transport illegal immigrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to the interior. G4S, headquartered in Juniper, Fla., operates in 100 countries and employs 610,000.

Concerns of Americans from all Political Persuasions Ignored in Immigration Policies

America’s immigration laws were enacted to achieve two primary goals – protect innocent lives and protect the jobs of American workers.

Democrats generally focus on the concerns of working Americans and the wages that they receive, while Republicans tend to focus on issues concerning national security, although in this perilous era, most Americans, irrespective of political orientation, are greatly concerned about the threat of terrorism.

Israel Worries about the Long-Term; U.S., Not so Much

Once again, Israel is showing that it has its citizens’ best interests at heart, and is willing to take action to prove it, while the U.S. Congress, so it would seem, has never heard of long-term, at least as it applies to border security and worker protection.

Immigration System Must Work for Best Interests of Americans

America's immigration laws were originally enacted to protect innocent lives and the jobs of American workers by preventing the entry and continued presence of aliens engaged in crime, espionage and terrorism and aliens who would provide unfair competition for American workers.

Today the administration seems focused on how to enable immigration policies to provide for the needs of aliens, not on the well-being and concerns of American citizens.

Ebola and Overpopulation

American medical history was made on Tuesday, September 30, when it was announced that the first case of Ebola has now been diagnosed in the United States. Until then, a handful of Ebola patients had been treated in the U.S. only after first being diagnosed in Africa.

Forty-Four Illegal Entry Attempts: No Reason Not to Keep Trying

Consequences of unlawful entry depend on who’s threatened. This weekend, Omar J. Gonzalez scaled the White House fence and managed to open the door to the executive mansion. Law enforcement officials promptly arrested Gonzalez who was armed with a folding knife.

Remember the Victims of Illegal Aliens

Santa Barbara has suffered unspeakable loss at the hands of a mentally ill person. Mothers, fathers, family, friends and community have had to say goodbye unexpectedly and too soon. A child who loses a parent is an orphan; there is no word for a parent who loses a child. The families of the victims and the perpetrator are suffering, for both have permanently lost pieces of their hearts.

White House Turns Up Amnesty Volume

When it comes to promoting its disastrous immigration vision, the White House never misses an opportunity to push its agenda. Every day is a good day to advance amnesty.

Chávez Stood for Border Security

Cesar Chavez, Border SecurityThe National Park Service is planning to establish a national park in California honoring César Chávez, the iconic Mexican-American labor leader. Belinda Faustinos, who co-chaired the panel to select the sites for the park, said that it would be a place where Latinos can relate to their culture and history.