The Last Peach

Population Growth, Sprawl Threaten California’s Crops.

Resolving Chronic Water Scarcity – ‘Waste Not, Want Not?’

When it comes to solving chronic and intensifying water shortages in the Southwest, including California, many politicians, journalists and even environmentalists apparently subscribe to the old adage of “Waste Not, Want Not.”

And there is certainly an ounce of wisdom in this old saw, in everything from managing one’s own finances to managing public forests. Using a resource judiciously – be it money, or timber, or water – is crucial to ensuring that it will not run out.

Three Things for the Earth Day To-Do List

Here’s my recommended list for Earth Day … and beyond. It’s just three things, but they’re three important ones:

Births and Immigration Down; Much Work Ahead to Sustain the Trend

According to Smart Growth America, my decision to move from California to Pittsburgh to escape relentless, immigration-driven population was spot on. Over the last several years, Pittsburgh’s population declined but its average household wealth increased.

Unending California Sprawl Puts Farmers at Risk

Three years ago, with great sadness, I left Lodi, CA to start a new life in Pittsburgh.