State of the Union

Trump’s SOTU Address: The Good, Bad, and Ugly on Immigration

Trump Delivering His State of the Union
President Trump delivered his 2019 State of the Union Address last night before Congress and millions of Americans.

State of the Union Address Offers Pro-Immigration Pols Three (!) Opportunities to Advance their Cause

On the political calendar, the year’s first major event is the president’s State of the Union address, followed immediately by the opposition party’s reply. Starting in 2013, a Hispanic response also comes after the president’s formal speech.

Obama’s State of the Union, Governor Haley’s Rebuttal All In on Immigration

Last night, I made the difficult decision to tune into President Obama’s State of the Union address. Frankly, watching Obama who has done more damage in less time that anyone could have imagined to bypass Congress, gut immigration laws and increase population by opening the borders to Central Americans and others is tough. CAPS has been fighting for sensible immigration and population stabilization for three decades.

State of the Union

“The state of the Union is strong,” President Obama told the nation last night. Depending on your personal situation, how extensively you follow what’s happening in the world and your level of respect for power and authority, you may believe that.

State of the Union: Obama Gives a Tepid Amnesty Endorsement

Watching the annual State of the Union address is painful. The speeches are long winded sessions where the nation’s real problems (overpopulation, 15 percent U-6 unemployment, 46 million American living in poverty, failed schools and a $1.4 trillion deficit to name the most glaring) are ignored.

Instead the sitting presidents pat themselves on the back for their non-accomplishments and make promises they know they can’t deliver on.

In His State of the Union, Obama Offers A Hopeful Suggestion: Insourcing

During his State of the Union address, President Obama sent mixed messages about offshoring and non-immigrant visas. On one hand, he appealed for green cards to be automatically issued to any foreign-born U.S. college graduate.

Said Obama:

"Others come here from abroad to study in our colleges and universities. But as soon as they obtain advanced degrees, we send them back home to compete against us. It makes no sense."

Obama’s State of the Union: DREAMing On

Predictably, President Obama used his State of the Union forum to reiterate his well known DREAM Act support. Although the DREAM Act is too toxic to mention by name, especially in an election year, Obama said:

“...let's at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, and defend this country.”