A Meditation on Ecological Sustainability

The Radiant Optimism of Sustainability Sutra, by Roy Morrison

Roy Morrison is a visionary. He is also a long-time New England-based energy consultant and author who wrote the first law in the U.S. for municipal aggregation for retail electricity competition, an emerging tool which can be used by communities to encourage the development of renewable energy as well as to keep electric rates down.

New Report Underlines Link between Immigration and Unsustainable Population Growth

For Americans concerned about rapid, unsustainable population growth, a newly released Pew Research Center report confirms that immigration has been its primary driver. The Pew study supplements its earlier findings about immigration’s effect on population surges.

Countries with Largest Ecological Footprints all Have Large Populations

The Oakland-based Global Footprint Network – a nonprofit that calculates the demands of human economies on ecosystems – has released the ecological footprints of almost 150 countries in the 2017 edition of the National Footprint Accounts.

Finally, California’s Brutal Drought is Over

What Next?

At long last, a winter of record-breaking rainstorms and Sierra Nevada snowstorms has vanquished California’s record-breaking drought. It took record precipitation to break the back of record dryness.

But two things remain certain: California will experience another drought in all too few years’ time, and incessant population growth in the state ensures that the next drought will mess with even more lives than this last one did.

Western Consumption is Deadly

Boosted by Immigration-Driven Population Growth, our Gluttony is Linked to Thousands of Deaths Worldwide

One of the topics addressed in a 2016 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on U.S. immigration rates prepared by Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), about which I wrote here for CAPS, is “International Ecological Impacts of U.S. Immigration Policies.”

The Late, Outspoken Doug Tompkins Sounds off on Overpopulation, Overconsumption

More than a year has now passed since the tragic kayaking accident on a South American lake – Lago General Carrerra in Patagonian Chile – that claimed the life of entrepreneur and conservationist extraordinaire Doug Tompkins. He had accomplished much in his 72 years but still had much left to do: helping save the Earth from human excesses, among other missions.

One Primate’s Population Soars, Causing Hundreds of Others to Sink

On Planet Earth as a whole, the population of exactly one species of primate is surging, at the expense of hundreds of other primate species.

Giraffe Populations Plummet in Africa

Yet Another Iconic Animal Threatened by Human Overpopulation

Earth is the only place in an incomprehensibly vast and ancient cosmos known thus far to possess a biosphere that harbors complex, diverse living things. It took life some four billion years to evolve step by painstaking step from simple, single-celled, bacteria-like organisms lacking nuclei to the advanced creatures with backbones and brains that fly, swim, run and tunnel across Earth’s surface today.

Quality of Life and Overpopulation

From my world bicycle travels, I witnessed “quality of life” in more than 100 countries on six continents – a total of 150,000 miles over 45 years. More than the luxury traveler, I experienced those countries at 12 miles per hour. At that pace, a person gains much more than the “high speed” hotel traveler visiting Machu Picchu, the Great Wall, the Vatican, the Outback, Calcutta, Morocco and dozens of iconic tourist spots around the planet.

Cassandra Syndrome Today

As a world bicycle traveler, you might refer to me as a Cassandra messenger. The Cassandra Syndrome derives from predictions of doom about a future few believe could occur, but upon later reflection turn out to be correct.