Underground Alien Workers and the Billions They Cost California

On March 12, the Sacramento Bee published an interesting if incomplete story about California’s underground economy. According to the Bee, California is reeling from the loss of $10 billion in underpaid taxes. [California Losing $10 Billion a Year in Tax Underpayment, by Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee, March 12, 2012]

Rick Santorum: Improved on Immigration; Dense on Family Planning

When Rick Santorum was a two-term United States Senator (1995-2007), he was a staunch advocate for an illegal alien amnesty. Santorum was one of the many so called RINOs that then-President Bush counted on to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform package to his Hispanic supporters.

Laboring Under a Misconception

There are currently a number of arguments being made for having local governments ignore the immigration laws and, on closer scrutiny all of those arguments fail to make sense or protect our nation and our citizens in a number of ways.  Those who pose these arguments are often identified in the media as being “Pro-Immigrant.”  In point of fact they are “Illegal Alien Exploiters” seeking to profit by the exploitation of vulnerable and desperate illegal aliens.  These exploiters are also oblivious to the harm the hiring of illegal aliens does to American

Maryland Patriots Win Another Round against the Dream Act; California to Follow?

From Maryland last week came encouraging news for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and his signature gathering effort to overturn A.B. 131 and put the California Dream Act on a 2012 statewide ballot. To learn the latest about Assemblyman Donnelly’s progress, go to his website here.

Gaming the Immigration System

There is a wonderful Yiddish term that has become a part of the American lexicon- that term is “Chutzpah!”

The classic example of chutzpah is the young man who kills both parents and, upon conviction for his heinous crimes, pleads for mercy because he is an orphan!

What have you lost because of illegal immigration?

If you were to ask Billy and Cathy Inman about illegal immigration over 11 years ago, they may not have much of an opinion.  If you ask them now, you will receive an alarmingly different answer for a heartbreaking reason.  Their answer changed after their son, Dustin Inman, was killed when an illegal alien driver with a North Carolina driver's license ran into the back of their van at 70 miles per hour as their car waited at a red light.  The Inman family has paid the ultimate price.

Shocking Report Discovers That Immigration Accounts for One Fifth of Federal Deficit

During the October 1-2 weekend, I attended the Writers’ Workshop in Washington D.C. The event takes place annually and is a great opportunity for immigration reform patriots, who are spread widely across the United States, to share ideas and energize each other.

Status Quo Unchanged after Tuesday’s Las Vegas Debate

The eighth of 13 debates (and the fifth in the last six weeks) is over. On the whole, it was slightly livelier than the preceding ones but with no super surprises.

Wouldn’t It Be Easier to Have Sensible Immigration Policies (Instead of Higher Taxes)?

Governor Jerry Brown, while continuing to ignore the astronomical costs of educating California’s 1.5 million K-12 non-English speakers, many of them illegal immigrants, is now lobbying hard for $12 billion in tax increases in part "for the children." My estimate, based on an ultra-conservative $5,000 per pupil average daily attendance (ADA) is that the total annual expense for ESL

New Study Analyzes How Growth Impacts Income, Unemployment, Poverty

Fodor & Associates, a Eugene, Oregon-based consulting firm that specializes in community planning and land use, released a