Driving on Earth Day? Good Luck with the Traffic

For the millions of Californians worried about the state’s unsustainable population growth, the latest INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard report analyzes the problem of too many people in an everyday context – gridlock.

Burgeoning Population: What Happens in China Doesn’t Stay in China

As a naïve, youthful world bicycle traveler back in 1984, I toured through China when it opened to international visitors. I fulfilled my teenage dream to walk on the Great Wall of China.

Obama Comes to My Hometown, Talks Tech, Fouls up Traffic

At a one-day conference in Pittsburgh called the White House Frontiers Conference, President Barack Obama announced that he will allocate more than $300 million in federal and private funds to support science and technology. The total will include about $165 million for so-called smart city initiatives like reducing traffic congestion.

My Summer Driving Vacation: Construction Alerts, Traffic Delays, Sprawl up Close

I’m of the age where the Sunday family drive was one of the week’s highlights. Now, after returning from a driving vacation starting from Western Pennsylvania, crossing Ohio, and ending in northern Michigan, my goal is to go to any reasonable lengths to keep my car in the garage.

California’s Population Moves Ever-Upward, Terrible News for State’s Residents

For the first time in history, Los Angeles’ population tops four million. According to California’s Department of Finance, Los Angeles has 50,000 more people than the previous reporting year. Statewide, California’s population grew 0.9 percent, or 348,000 additional residents, to push the statewide total to 39.3 million.

Kauai Fights to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Preserve its Environment in Hawaii

Every year, INRIX, Inc., a traffic data and insights organization, releases its findings about the most awful cities to drive in. Not much changes from year to year. In 2015, just as it did in 2014, Los Angeles topped the list for the nation’s most congested cities, with the added headache of having four of the worst ten stretches of highway – globally.

Traffic Gridlock, Endless Population Growth

From my own experiences in traffic in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Houston, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Atlanta, San Francisco and dozens of other overpopulated cities, gridlocked traffic causes more deaths, more tension, more suffering and more emotional misery than yet understood.

A Letter to President Obama

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

OMG! I’ve Driven in the Ten Most Traffic-Jammed Cities!

When I read the CAPS’ homepage story about the ten most traffic-jammed cities in the U.S.,
I had an OMG! moment. I’ve driven in all of them!

Overpopulation Causes More Roadkill Across the Land

The earth is our home. Unless we preserve the rest of life, as a sacred duty, we will be endangering ourselves by destroying the home in which we evolved, and on which we completely depend.

Edward O. Wilson
Biologist, Naturalist