Choice for Congress: More Illegal Immigration or Free College Educations for American HS Students?

money pile with grad cap
$116 Billion Annual Illegal Immigration Cost Would Cover
College Tuition Bills 

Gov. Christie Faces Important Dream Act Decision

The Dream Act will soon face another important milestone, this time in New Jersey.

Napolitano the Magician Conjures $5 Million for UC’s Illegal Immigrant Students

UC SealLast week, University of California president Janet Napolitano announced that she would allocate $5 million to provide special counseling and financial aid to illegal immigrant students. According to reports, Napolitano designated the funds for yet unspecified purposes to dispel notions among some critics that she’s insensitive to UC’s illegal immigrant enrollment.

Florida DREAMer Whines Her Way to Deferred Action; Works with Congress to Draft Amnesty Legislation

After 25 years on the patriotic immigration reform beat, I should be immune to the outrageous stories that feature ungrateful aliens demanding more entitlements. Unfortunately, I’m not.

Exposed: The Scandalous Practice of Using Overseas Agents to Place Foreign-Born Students in American Universities

Are you concerned about getting your child or grandchild into college? You should be.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Promises DREAM Act Referendum; Calls AB 131 "Morally Wrong"

On Sunday evening I spoke to Assemblyman Tim Donnelly about Governor Jerry Brown and the California DREAM Act. Brown signed AB 131 on Saturday despite heavy resistance from his critics and at least some of his supporters.

Demonstrating that Lincoln was Right

Across the United States more and more of our fellow citizens are taking to the streets to voice their anger and frustration with Wall Street, the Banks, corporate greed and the failures of our government to reign in those with the deep pockets and represent the legitimate concerns of "average Americans."

Taxpayer money for California DREAM Act near reality-sparks talks of a recall - Continue reading on

California’s taxpayer-funded version of the DREAM Act inched closer to reality as it leaped out of the state Senate 22-11 along party-line votes.

The legislation now moves back to the assembly to reconcile changes and is expected to pass solely on Democratic votes. From there it will head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for the expected signature.

Want to go to college? Not in California

California’s budget crisis will now be handled by adults according to newly-minted and former California Governor Jerry Brown. Nothing is off the table Brown said- except those who have collective bargaining contracts.