Conservatives Introduce Commonsense Immigration Reform Bill in the UK

Now making its way through the UK parliament is a bill that would, among other restrictions, penalize working illegal immigrants and require landlords to do background checks on prospective tenants. Called the Immigration Bill, the U.S. Congress should pay attention.

On New Year's Day, UK Braces for Open Borders, More Population Growth

Twenty-five years ago, when Congress debated the Immigration Reform and Control Act, it assured leery Americans that “only” 1 million aliens would receive green cards and be put on the proverbial path to citizenship. That promise turned out to be one of many lies about IRCA.

Two Nations Deal with Over-Immigration, Over-Population; Which One Is Serious?

In recent years, the United States and the United Kingdom have undergone increases in immigration, both legal and illegal. About 500,000 immigrated to the UK in 2012, down from a peak in 2010, but still quite substantial. Prime Minister David Cameron wants to get UK net migration below 100,000 before the 2015 election.

Each year, more than one million legal immigrants come to the U.S. If S.744 passes, net migration to the U.S. would, according to the Census Bureau and the Congressional Budget Office, increase by 36 million over the next two decades.

We Are Not Alone

When we ask for the enforcement of our immigration laws, we often feel as an island.  We are labeled with derogatory names and feel very alone in our efforts.  With this, I wanted to know how other countries handle their illegal immigration dilemma and what they say.

What if you were an illegal alien worker in Taiwan?