Organized Labor Ignores U.S. Workers

American workers are under siege. Many are unemployed, and many who want full-time employment have to settle for part-time work. Wages are increasing slowly, if at all, for workers. And jobs paying a middle-class income are increasingly hard to find.

Wage stagnation and the immigration connection (made by CAPS but not the New York Times)

The length to which the media will go to suppress negatives about immigration is hard to describe. But I’ll try by directing your attention to a great example.

The New Union Worker: An Illegal Alien

The radical erosion of what was once a worker’s best friend – the labor union – is demonstrated by the story of an unemployed American I spoke with recently.

A Midwesterner and union member with six years of experience in environmental abatement and a University of Phoenix business administration degree, Sam (not the worker’s real name) relocated to Southern California. Before moving, Sam researched the job market and union opportunities.